About Matt

My name is Matt Dougherty and this is my obviously professional blog. I am a 20 year old journalism student at Hofstra University and a movie reviewing master within my own mind.

My passion for movies came early with an obsession with Free Willy and The Lion King when I was a kid (I’m still obsessed with Lion King). My teenage years involved obsessions with sequels and blockbusters. Clearly, to be pretentious enough to have started my own movie reviewing blog, that has changed. Not to say that I don’t enjoy blockbusters as a good portion of my own personal Blu Ray (that’s right) collection contains superheroes and sci-fi extravaganzas. I consider my personal favorites to be The Fountain and The Dark Knight (my love for all things Batman is at a caliber you could never understand).

Here on MattsMovieThoughts I will blog about more than what my title implies. I just couldn’t resist the alliteration. However my main focus will still be film. Come here for movie reviews, countdown lists, trailers, and news overall. Most movie news that comes in is about big blockbusters and sequels but I will do the best I can to talk about a wide variety of genres.

The other major thing I will be posting about is television. The shows I follow include The Office, Modern Family, South Park, Louie, Mad Men, Falling Skies, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. I will review every episode of these shows either a day or two after they air. I am a decently busy person during the school year but if I miss an episode I will try to watch it as soon as possible and review it immediately after.

On the occasion I will blog about video games. Any major news about games that I find interesting (such as Batman: Arkham City) I will do my best to report. I plan to stay away from reviewing them though. I may give an impression of a game I recently bought but never a full fledged review as I am not educated enough in the criticisms of games.

The only other things that I slightly pay attention to are music and literature. I will never review books. I may do comparisons of major movies to their book counterparts (to be honest the last thing I really have to do this to is The Hobbit) but nothing major. Maybe an occasional post about a major event in a comic book (I blogged about when Marvel killed off one version of Spider-man a while back). As for music I have a slight obsession with Lady Gaga. I will review her songs and talk about her music videos but nothing more in the category of music.

Well I guess that’s it! I hope you enjoy reading my posts as much as I enjoy posting them (surprisingly a lot). I am just one person so I may miss a story here or there. If you see anything you would like me to blog about email me at mjdougherty18@gmail.com. Otherwise I am open to any criticism I can learn from. Just post them in the comments section. Enjoy!


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