Golden Globes Wrap-Up: Winners, Losers, and Surprises!

The ceremony is now over and we know the winners of the Golden Globes. A few surprises ran across the evening as the winners were announced and what could tonight mean for the upcoming Academy Awards?

Lets start with the acting categories. George Clooney’s win for The Descendants all but guarantees him an Oscar, despite the fact that Brad Pitt was better. Meryl Streep’s win for The Iron Lady was a bit of an upset as many believed that Viola Davis would take home the globe for The Help. The race for the Best Actress Oscar just got a lot tighter (meanwhile I’m still sitting in the corner quietly rooting for Rooney Mara). Jean Dujardin and Michelle Williams both deserved their wins but don’t expect either of them to beat out Clooney, Streep, or Davis for the Oscar.

For the supporting roles, I expect that both of tonight’s winners will win their respective Oscars. They deserve it too. Christopher Plummer and Octavia Spencer both gave some of the most affecting performances of the year. Also, I have to note that Spencer gave the best speech of the night.

Best Screenplay was a bit of a surprise tonight as neither The Descendants or Moneyball won. Instead the trophy went to Woody Allen for Midnight in Paris. It will be interesting to see how this affects the Oscar race since the screenwriting categories are split between Original and Adapted.

The Best Director category was another shocker tonight. It is extremely rare for a director to win the award and then not be back up on the stage for either Best Picture category at the Globes. Martin Scorsese did a phenomenal job on Hugo, but the movie didn’t win anything else. My guess is that Scorsese won’t see the same recognition in February.

Now lets get to the big winners, The Descendants and The Artist. Since the later is pretty much already a lock to be rewarded by the Academy with a win, I will mostly focus on the losers here. The biggest loser tonight? War Horse. Spielberg’s epic is slipping out of the Oscar race faster than its main character can run. Of the eleven films nominated between the two categories The Artist, The Descendants, Hugo, The Help, and Midnight in Paris are definitely getting nominated for Best Picture next week. After tonight, War Horse and Moneyball have fallen back a bit.

A win for The Adventures of Tintin was a bit surprising, as Rango was the best animated film I saw this year. As for Best Foreign Film, there is no doubt that A Separation might as well have accepted the Oscar along with its Golden Globe tonight.

That just leaves the two music categories. I loved that Madonna’s Masterpiece won and I really hope that this raises its Oscar chances. As for Best Original Score, I was severely disappointed to see Trent Reznor’s haunting score for The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo lose. Yes, The Artist has a great score, but Reznor’s work is some of the best ever seen among cinematic scores.

So that’s it, the Golden Globes are done. At some point this week I will be doing predictions for the Oscar nominations to be revealed January 24th. Any other losers that made you angry tonight? Sound off in the comments’ section!


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~ by mattsmoviethoughts on January 16, 2012.

2 Responses to “Golden Globes Wrap-Up: Winners, Losers, and Surprises!”

  1. Last year I thought The Social Network’s score was impressive because of it’s subtlety while being powerful. Dragon Tattoo’s was overpowering in areas, like the opening credits (for my taste… I know you love it, but it didn’t captivate me in the same way the rest of the movie did).

  2. I agree about Rango. It was by far the animated movie I have seen this year. I really thought that Michael Fassbender should have won for best actor. I really like your banner at the top. My all time favorite movies are the Star Wars and Lord of the Rings trilogies.


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