‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars – A Friend in Need’ Review

This week, Clone Wars decided to bring back two characters from past episodes and mesh them together in one plot. The first one we saw was Lux Bonteri, Ahsoka’s love interest of sorts who appeared in last season’s Heroes on Both Sides. The second was the group of Jango Fett look-alikes known as the Death Watch from the season two Mandalore saga. Seeing these two brought together was cool but the way it was done felt a little bit forced.

Lux wants revenge on Count Dooku for the revenge of his mother, and when the Separatists refuse to acknowledge these accusations, he contacts the Death Watch. Ahsoka gets involved when Lux is unfairly taken prisoner during Republic-Separatist negotiations on Mandalore. She rescues him but then Lux betrays her, knocking her unconscious and leading her right into the arms of Death Watch.

Lux came across extremely naive the whole episode, which is why the reveal that Death Watch was working for Lux felt a little farfetched. It also was a little strange to see the focus do a complete 180 to how ruthless Death Watch was. Watching them turn on a peaceful village and set it aflame was certainly devilish, but not really in line with the rest of the episode.

Regardless, the ending was one of the best endings of the season with Ahsoka getting what was easily her most badass moment yet. Watching R2-D2 plan a droid revolt against the Death Watch while Ahsoka simultaneously fought the leader was incredible, let alone seeing her decapitate four of the warriors at once! Also, just when I thought the episode was too busy with Death Watch to further explore Ahsoka and Lux’s relationship, the final scene shed light on where they stand.

A Friend in Need was not quite as well thought out as a lot of other episodes of Clone Wars, but the climax was simply one of the best we’ve seen so far on the show. I look forward to seeing Lux and the Death Watch again, but perhaps next time they’ll have some time to breathe. But what this episode will be remembered for is taking Ahsoka to the next level, she’s hardly an apprentice anymore. (8/10)

photo credit: http://www.starwars.com/explore/the-clone-wars/



~ by mattsmoviethoughts on January 14, 2012.

One Response to “‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars – A Friend in Need’ Review”

  1. Your review is very good and detailed. I am glad you don’t hate Lux like most other reviewers. The last few episodes of the Clone Wars had some really shocking and awesome moments. The decapitation was awesome!


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