‘The Office: Trivia’ Review

So, how did The Office fare on its return episode? In a word, bad. Trivia actually had potential with both of its storylines, but they continued to tear down these opportunities in favor of uplifting office bonding, like the other ten episodes this season. I was excited about this show at the beginning of the season, now I consider it work to watch.

The set up of Trivia was actually pretty decent. Oscar let it slip that he was attending a trivia contest at a bar in Philadelphia. This caused Andy to get Jim and Darryl involved. The interaction between Jim and Darryl was pretty funny and had me wondering why we don’t see more of it.

However, this meant that everyone was to go to the bar for yet another office unity plot. The standout sequence of the episode was watching everyone decide which team they were on, A-team, the back up team, and the “just here for fun” team. It also was funny when Andy said he would be willing to try anything, in a gay bar.

But once the trivia started all the humor was sucked out of this plot. In a completely unbelievable turn of events, the “just here for fun” team ended up winning the contest. Remember when The Office was a bit meaner? Yeah, this season everyone seems to be best friends. This is still a show about going to work, these relationships don’t make sense and aren’t worth the emotions the writers are trying to force upon us.

The B-story saw Dwight going down to Florida to interview with Robert California for a management position. A bad idea from the start, it became interesting for a few seconds when Dwight would have to interview with the COO. It would have been nice to see Dwight interact with someone new but this idea was quickly shot down in favor of Gabe interviewing him. Then they went to Robert’s house after Dwight forced Gabe to take him there. There was not a single moment worth laughing at in this subplot. It felt recycled and dry.

Trivia was not a complete failure as its set up was pretty decent, but the writers did nothing with the potential they gave themselves, making the plot devoid of even the slightest chuckle. It also featured perhaps the worst B-story in the show’s eight season run. I used to hope this show would get better, now I have no faith. The Office is done. (4/10)

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~ by mattsmoviethoughts on January 13, 2012.

3 Responses to “‘The Office: Trivia’ Review”

  1. This was one of the best episodes of the season…
    I’m confused by your score..


  2. I really liked the B plot, and although it wasn’t LOL funny I found it interesting and did chuckle several times…mostly because of the actors’ expressions versus the dialogue. In general I really liked this episode!

  3. I agree, big disappointment. I have yet to see an episode in this season that made me laugh. It is not even comedy any more, it just a story, there are no LOL moments. All the characters behave differently, and dont get me started on how lame the intro was for ‘Trivia’ episode with the silence thing. I hate to see this show die because it was my favorite show, but they are destroying it, i do not know why. Season 7 was good even after Steve left for the last 5 or so episodes, but now all the characters are just not the same.

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