’30 Rock: Dance Like Nobody’s Watching’ (Season Premiere) Review

30 Rock is back! Season six got off to a nice start with a very funny premiere that injected a bit of mystery into the show. Picking up from last season, Avery is still being held captive in North Korea. I enjoyed the quick addition of Kim Jong-un after Kim Jong-il’s recent death. However, this episode stood on its own and did not rely on continuity.

The main story this week focused on Liz Lemon’s uncharacteristic good mood. Besides the always fantastic interactions between Liz and Jack, this plot didn’t prove to be all that funny until the end when it was revealed that Liz has been participating in a half-time dance team for the WNBA. But there was another surprise in store when Jack dropped Liz off at the movies and she secretly ran into the arms of a mysterious man.

The two subplots in back of Liz’s new-found happiness were fantastic. Jenna became the stereotypically mean judge on an American Idol style show that features kids singing. Every line she had was perfectly delivered. I loved her face when she had to be nice. The other saw Kenneth preparing for the rapture. Seeing him completely let loose was absolutely hysterical, as were the hijinks that the writers pulled on him after the world didn’t end.

Overall, Dance Like Nobody’s Watching was a great return of the show. It isn’t a classic but certainly enough to keep the fans happy and intrigued. Next week I look forward meeting Liz’s mystery man. (8.5/10)

photo credit: http://www.beyondhollywood.com/tv/30-rock-episode-6-01-dance-like-nobodys-watching-promos/


~ by mattsmoviethoughts on January 13, 2012.

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