‘Modern Family: Egg Drop’ Review

Egg Drop was an episode that had great ideas for plots but didn’t quite execute them to their full potential. However, this episode did continue the trend of more focused episodes that we have seen as of late. Once again there were only three storylines this week and that worked better than some of the episodes earlier this season that had four or even five plots to follow.

The main plot saw Claire and Jay taking over Luke and Manny’s egg drop projects and making a competition out of it. There were some great moments here as Julie Bowen and Ed O’Neill bounced off of each other with electrifying chemistry. Still though, between the pairing of Manny and Luke and the father-daughter competition, this plot should have been funnier.

Another plot saw Phil asking Haley and Gloria for help with a seminar  for his new Real Estate position. Gloria and Phil’s confrontation at the end was pretty hysterical but again, it should have been funnier.

Perhaps the saving grace of this episode was Mitch and Cam’s interview with a potential mother for their next child. I enjoyed how the two of them reacted to the mother’s stupidity. This was a solid B-story and helped remind us of something from last season’s finale, these two want to have another kid.

But I must say, Modern Family has me worried. If this episode aired last year it would have been brilliant. All three plots are great but just didn’t quite reach their full potential. Could the writers already be bored with these characters? If so how long can the show last? Egg Drop shows more signs of laziness than any other episode this season, but still, there were some great moments and these plots were all good so this was not a bad episode. (7.5/10)

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~ by mattsmoviethoughts on January 12, 2012.

One Response to “‘Modern Family: Egg Drop’ Review”

  1. Are we watching the same Modern Family???? I thought this was the episode of the season. I loved how Manny played Jay and Clarie. I thought Phil played it perfect at the seminar, and poor Cam’s reaction to being told hes not a good singer was priceless.

    Ten out of ten for me.

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