‘Modern Family: Lifetime Supply’ Review

The third season of Modern Family has been good, but not great so far. Everything that came last fall just seemed a little bit like it was on autopilot, it got the job done but did nothing extraordinary. The show returned in the new year with an episode that improved on some areas but worsened in others.

Lifetime Supply simply was not as funny as we have come to expect from the show, however the storylines were much more focused then we have been seeing lately. Instead of the usual four plots crammed into twenty minutes, tonight we got three, one from each household, that brought everyone together in the end. This was the exact type of focus the show has been lacking, too bad the humor tonight was really off.

This episode had so much potential to have a classic Phil plot, but it simply did not deliver. The idea that he would freak out waiting for a call from the doctor is a good one but I feel like the opportunity was missed as we occasionally only got a few quick one liners regarding the matter.

Mitch and Cam were another dud tonight. They’re constant bickering is getting old two and a half seasons in. You would think that Lily now being able to talk would inject some new humor into their storylines, but that appears to be another opportunity the writers are missing. This week’s argument was just boring and had no life to it. Mitch was acting like a fourteen year old girl, just like he said, but that does not lead to instant laughs.

The only redeemable plot this week was Jay competing with Manny’s biological father (Benjamin Bratt) at the horse racing track. Bratt once again was hysterical and his chemistry with Jay is perfect. It all led to a coming together of all three plots when Phil’s doctor calls back. He just wanted real estate information. Cop out? Yeah, definitely.

Modern Family still knows how to construct a decent half hour of television but there is certainly a noticeable decline in quality from last season. Lifetime Supply might just be the worst one this season due to the lack of laughs, a big problem for any comedy. (7/10)

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~ by mattsmoviethoughts on January 5, 2012.

One Response to “‘Modern Family: Lifetime Supply’ Review”

  1. Have to again disagree, thought the strong part of the episode was Phil’s thinking it was going to be bad news, and having lowering his percentage for chance of survival.

    Loved the scene with Alex and Mitch.

    Thought it was a funny episode, with each character showing their personality, loved that Luke had an 80 year old friend.


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