Videogame Wrap-Up: The Games I’ll Still Be Playing in 2012 and What to Look Forward To in the Coming Months

2011 was one of the biggest years in videogames ever. From September through December major titles came out on a weekly basis. Everything got great reviews for the most part and gamers’ pockets were empty by Christmas. Here are some of my favorite games of the year that I have yet to get tired of.


Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds

After years of being absent from the videogame market, this classic franchise finally came out with its third installment. The fighting was wild and furious but once you got used to the controls there was plenty of strategy to be found beyond button-mashing. Then again in some cases button-mashing was a strategy in itself (Sentinel). But this game was great if you had friends that matched your skill level. My own personal team was Wesker, Hulk, and Phoenix, go ahead try and beat me.



Gears of War 3

I have to admit I am a bit late on this one. I just got it for Christmas and am just about to head into Act IV of the campaign (as I write this I admit my own depression towards a great character’s demise). But so far the campaign is every bit as haunting and epic as the previous two entries. Not to mention of course the excellent multiplayer and horde mode. This is definitely a game I will revisit time and time again in 2012.



Batman: Arkham City

If you followed my blog back in mid-October you know just how excited and subsequently pleased I was with this title. The sequel introduced a plethora of villains to the series and ended up telling one of the great Batman stories ever told. No Bat-fan can deny just how shocking and haunting the ending was. Rocksteady also let us play as Catwoman, Robin, and Nightwing. For any casual or hardcore fans of Batman this was easily the best game of the year. The story alone is worth several revisits.



Even though 2011 is over, there is a lot to look forward to in 2012 in the gaming industry. Unlike the movie industry, sequels are usually pretty excellent in gaming, and are always the most anticipated games of any year. Here are some games that look like they will be top dog in 2012.


BioShock Infinite

BioShock 2 was a bit of a disappointment, but this sequel looks to be shaking things up for the series. Set in a new city in a new time period, Infinite has a completely different look than either of the other BioShock games. But with the same mechanics and gameplay style that has made the series famous, this could be the best entrance yet for the series. (TBA 2012)


Halo 4

The first Halo not made by Bungie also marks the return of Master Chief. Taking place after Halo 3, the fourth entry sees Chief and Cortana right after the events that ended the war with the Covenant, stuck in space. This game is said to be the first in a new trilogy of games. Even though Bungie is not behind this one Microsoft will likely make sure their beloved franchise is in good hands. (TBA 2012)



Mass Effect 3

The final game in this legendary franchise is sure to deliver. As the Reapers prepare to destroy our home world, Commander Shepard must unite all the races of the galaxy to fight this evil. Back in 2010, BioWare proved that they were a special developer with the release of Mass Effect 2, which is easily the best game to hit the Xbox 360 in its entire run. The company plans to continue that in 2012 with this exciting conclusion to the most cinematic game franchise in history. (Mar. 6th)



Do you think there are any other games coming out in 2012 people should be more excited for than these three? Are there any games you loved in 2011 that I didn’t include in my favorites from the year? Sound off in the comments’ section!


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