2012 TV Preview: The Shows I Plan to Cover

Only a few more days remain in 2011, and yesterday I looked at the best of television throughout the year. Now I will take a look at all the shows you can expect to see covered on this blog over the next twelve months. Happy New Year! (Note: I have decided not to review Falling Skies this summer as there are plenty of other shows I plan to watch and that one just wasn’t all that good anyway…)


Modern Family

Season three thus far has not quite lived up to the first two seasons of this hilarious show. However, it is still consistent and since bad episodes of Modern Family are still far better than almost everything else on TV. Next week’s episode sees Benjamin Bratt returning at Manny’s biological father. After that there are still eleven episodes before summer. Since the ratings have been great, season four is pretty much guaranteed. (returns Jan. 4th)


Star Wars: The Clone Wars

After a great start to the fourth season, 2012 promises a lot for this excellent show. Ten episodes remain, the first of which is the conclusion to this three part slave arc. But the big story about the rest of season four is the return of Darth Maul. We do not know when, but it is coming and it will be interesting. This likely also means the return of last season’s standout villain Savage Oppress. Looking a bit father into the year, expect a season five next fall. (returns Jan. 6th)


30 Rock

Season six was temporarily delayed due to Tina Fey’s pregnancy. The recently released teasers show that Liz has a big announcement in the season premiere. Sadly, however, this year is expected to be Alec Baldwin’s last with the show. After seeing how poorly The Office handled losing its biggest star I kind of hope that season six means the end of 30 Rock. Then again Tina Fey will still be around. (season premiere Jan. 12th)


The Office

Losing Carell was a major blow to the show as season eight has been rather disappointing thus far. Andy is a suitable boss but the writing to support that just has not been there. The remainder of season eight needs to prove that this show can survive on its own without Michael Scott. It is still one of NBC’s highest rated shows so you can expect a season nine. As for whether I will be covering it or not depends on the quality of the rest of the season. (returns Jan. 12th)


South Park

After a pretty controversial fifteenth season, Comedy Central renewed the show for a few more seasons. Season sixteen will begin in March but since Trey Parker and Matt Stone don’t write the episodes until a week before they air, we can know nothing of what is to come. Even though last season was pretty underwhelming, we got enough classic moments to prove that there is still some creative punch on this show. (season premiere Mar. 14th)


Mad Men

Finally! After arguments between Matthew Weiner and AMC, the negotiations for season five have finally settled. Little is known about the plot but season four left off with Don proposing to his latest secretary. Also Joanie’s pregnancy has to be resolved. Knowing this show, there will be a significant time jump between seasons. But there is no doubt in my mind of how great this show will continue to be. (season premiere in March)


Game of Thrones

One of the biggest TV hits of 2011 returns this spring. Just like the first season, season two will consist of ten episodes. Casting for the season has been all over the news with seemingly endless new characters coming in. I wasn’t as in to the show as many others were last summer but I found a lot to enjoy. I do hope that the new season is a bit more focused and can deliver a bit more action. (season premiere in April)



This was easily one of the best shows of 2011 and I cannot wait to see what Louis C.K. has up his sleeve for season three. This one is rather far away so we know pretty much nothing about it, but if the comedian keeps up his funny yet honest style, the show will continue to excel. (season premiere in the summer)


The Last Airbender: The Legend of Korra

I cannot wait for this show to come out. Avatar: The Last Airbender is one of the best animated shows of all time and this sequel series sounds like it is full of great ideas. It follows the new Avatar, a girl from the Southern Water Tribe named Korra. She is looking to be taught air bending, with her trainer being Aang’s son. This series has so much potential. Apparently it will only run for twenty-six episodes, which means that once again we will get a completely focused story with an ending in mind. Bring it on. (season premiere likely in the summer)


It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Even though season seven just ended a few weeks ago, FX has already renewed the series for season eight. After how hilarious and brilliant this past season was I cannot wait for what is to come. Obviously this is too far in the future to know anything about plotwise but it will certainly be interesting to see how Mac looks after he opted to gain a ton of weight for this past season. (season premiere likely in September)


I am greatly looking forward to watching and reviewing all ten of these shows for 2012 so come to this website for all the opinions you could want on them right after they air! Any other shows you would like me to cover? Post in the comment’s section and I will consider them.


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