Top 10 Steven Spielberg Movies

It is rare for a director to have two films come out just four days apart. The Adventures of Tintin is an animated film that follows many of Spielberg’s early high-octane adventures. War Horse is a war film that follows Spielberg’s gritty views of history in the 1990s. Based on the buzz surrounding them both, I would have to guess that they have a chance to become one of the famous director’s most notable movies. But before seeing them we must look at his best work to truly make judgements about these new films. Here are my top ten picks from Steven Spielberg’s career.


10. The Terminal (2004)-

Seven years ago, Spielberg explored a genre he had not yet considered, comedy. Tom Hanks stars in this delightfully lighthearted story of a man stuck in an airport. Catherine Zeta Jones played off of Hanks excellently. More than anything though, this film had heart. The beautiful character moments we see here are perfectly done. After watching this you won’t be able to take the grin off of your face.



9. Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977)-

Star Wars wasn’t the only classic featuring aliens to come out 1977. This films features plenty of great moments that anyone slightly familiar with pop culture will recognize. Even if you do not know what it is from, you know the three notes the aliens play during the climax of the movie. But what really makes this movie as good as it is is Richard Dreyfuss’ amazing performance.



8. Catch Me If You Can (2002)-

This movie is pretty hard to resist. With Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks perfectly playing off of each other, this wonderful true story comes to life in this fun film. The movie just has so much charm, mostly given to it by its leads, that the viewer find themselves both captivated by the characters and riveted by the story.



7. Minority Report (2002)-

Perhaps one of Spielberg’s most underrated and tragically forgotten films, this fascinating and dark action flick was much smarter than anyone expected it to be. Tom Cruise gives one of his best performances as a cop being told his fate before it happens. This type of movie is what I hoped to see more of from Spielberg, but since it came out there has nothing quite like it on his resume.



6. Jurassic Park (1993)-

To this date, almost twenty years later, there have not been more realistic dinosaurs on screen. In 2005, Peter Jackson came close with King Kong, but nothing will ever beat watching the T-Rex break through that fence for the first time, roaring and stomping with all of its cinematic might. Not to mention the scene in the kitchen with the Velociraptors. This film is filled with tense moments and dazzling special effects.


5. Saving Private Ryan (1998)-

After killer sharks, aliens, and dinosaurs, Spielberg gave us some of the best action sequences that ever graced the screen in this phenomenal war epic. Tom Hanks commands this movie and gives it its heart. but despite the great performances and overall storytelling, there is nothing like watching the first twenty minutes as American troops invade Normandy beach.



4. E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial (1982)-

There is no age that E.T. will stop being good. It is both as family-friendly as a family movie can be and as deep and sophisticated as any other film Spielberg directed. This film is funny as Spielberg pours his heart into his filmmaking. Last summer’s Super 8 tried to mimic the genius of this classic film and, while still admirable, failed to hit a mark close to this brilliance.



3. Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)-

In the heat of both Star Wars and Jaws, any studio would have ate up the opportunity to work with both Steven Spielberg and George Lucas on one movie. Harrison Ford instantly became known as the most charming leading man a movie could have. He and Karren Allen had wonderful chemistry. However this first Indiana Jones outing also benefits simply from being one of the most exciting and fun films of all time.



2. Schindler’s List (1993)-

You will not find a better film that portrays the horror of the Holocaust as effectively as this one does. This masterpiece of sorrow stars Liam Neeson who gives the best performance of his career. The same can be said for Ralph Fiennes, who even as the Nazi-esque Voldemort could not recapture the evil he smouldered this character with. This film is perfect and quite possibly the best film of the 1990s.



1. Jaws (1975)-

Every modern blockbuster you see in theaters throughout the summer has Jaws to thank for their success. This timeless classic was the first so-called “summer movie” and one of the best of its kind at that. It features everything that makes a blockbuster a great movie-going experience. Every moment in this film is perfect. The best part? When the three men aboard the Orca show off their scars and sing inbetween shark hunting.



There you have it folks! Any movies I missed that should have made the list? Where do you think Tintin and War Horse might land on this list? Sound off in the comments’ section!


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