‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Trailer and Prologue!

Warner Bros. has given Bat-fans not one but two early Christmas presents this year. The second trailer for the The Dark Knight Rises as well as the much buzzed about six minute prologue hit theaters this weekend, and both of them are epic, proving that Nolan will conclude his trilogy with a bang and not a whimper. Check out the trailer right here.

Right so now that all the skeptics have shut up lets talk business. The first notable thing that I noticed in the trailer is the shot of the cane followed by Alfred choking up while telling Bruce that he failed to protect him. Clearly Bane has hurt Bruce, badly, enough to make Alfred question how good of a father he has been to Bruce. This moment is powerful, even out of context because Caine is such a brilliant actor.

Another notable moment comes from several important looking men talking about how Gordon is going to be “dumped in the spring”. Could this be because he has failed for eight years to catch Batman? Based on the last trailer he might not even make it to the spring. But still, we are looking at the end of Gordon’s career.

Then we get our first look at Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle, and I would say she pulls it off nicely from what we see here. She seems to be initiating class warfare in Gotham City. This is darker than we have seen Hathaway do so far in her career but even as a lover of Michelle Pfeifer’s Catwoman, Hathaway looks to be bringing something just as dark and fascinating as any other previous actress has done for the role, just a bit differently.

After all this build-up we get some very interesting peeks at what look like very important moments in the film. Prisoners walk out of a prison carrying guns as the camera slowly moves past Bane’s legs showing that he is their ruler. We also get an older man telling Bruce that something means “rise”. He kind of sounds like Alfred but doesn’t look like him. Also Bruce has a beard and clothes that might suggest he is in a prison. Next comes the money shot of an entire football field caving in due to explosives in complete silence.

One last short moment before the final montage fascinated me. We see Bruce, maskless, bloody, beaten, broken. Bane says to him in his demonic voice “When Gotham is ashes you have my permission to die.” If Bane finds out who Batman is, will everyone else? Is that why Bruce appears to be in jail for part of the trailer? Regardless troubled times lie ahead for iconic superhero. Nolan seems to be taking him to the limit this time. In most movies there is no doubt in the viewers’ minds that the hero will make it out alive. Batman could die in this movie, and Nolan is the only person in the world who could pull it off.

The final montage shows glimpses at Marion Cotillard, more Anne Hathaway, Batman’s gadget that made the cover of Empire, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, a fight brutal fight between Batman and Bane, and the Tumbler esque Bat-plane. What a trailer.

Now on to the prologue. Sadly, it has not been released online but having seen it I urge you to go see it in the theater.

Firstly notable is Gordon’s speech about Harvey Dent. Clearly his presence will be felt in this film even though he is dead. Then we get a very well orchestrated action sequence on-board a plane. Bane is revealed and even though he is difficult to understand you can just see how Tom Hardy disappeared in this role and became one with the villain.

One mystery we get here is who is Dr. Pavel and why do both the CIA and Bane want him? My theory is that he has built the device that destroys the football field in the trailer.

The final montage of clips has some nice treats for fans. We get our first peek at Anne Hathaway in costume as well as a very intimidating shot of Bane holding a part of Batman’s shattered mask. The prologue proves more than the trailer that Bane is going to be an awesome villain.

This opening scene is not quite as good as that of The Dark Knight, but it comes very close. The trailer shows more of what is to come concerning both Bruce Wayne and Gotham City. After these two looks at the film, I find myself much more confident in the villains chosen as well as where this story might be headed. This installment now has a chance to be better than the last, and that is saying something.

photo credit: http://movies.cosmicbooknews.com/content/dark-knight-rises-2012-cool-animated-bane-legend-ends-movie-poster


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