‘Modern Family: Express Christmas’ Review

I am not usually a fan of when Modern Family has an overly sappy ending to an episode but Christmas is a perfect reason to do so. Perhaps its the holiday cheer that got me.

Tonight saw the family trying to put together a last minute Christmas after realizing that they won’t be spending the holiday together. Phil and Manny went to get the turkey. Claire and Haley did a last minute shopping spree. Mitch, Alex, and Lily went to get the tree. Gloria and Luke went into the attic to find a special angel for the top of the tree. Jay and Cam wrapped presents.

Each of these mini plots had some great moments. Manny accidentally tasering Phil was hysterical. Claire’s speech to Haley was over the top but funny nonetheless. Alex defending Mitch with the pink tree was fantastic as was Lily’s quote “I have two daddies!”. Gloria saying “look Luke” and sounding the same was typical but still funny.

The only plot I didn’t quite believe was Cam seeking attention from Jay as we normally see Phil do. Their relationship has already been defined and didn’t need this plot.

However the rest of the episode was pretty priceless. Watching the family’s Christmas fall apart was fun. I especially loved Gloria’s reference to the dog butler from season one. Then Jay’s gift to the family was revealed and they got a more traditional Christmas than most people in southern California. This was a nice way for Modern Family to go out before the holidays. (8.5/10)

photo credit: http://www.tv.com/news/what-to-watch-tonight-modern-family-psych-and-american-horror-story-27317/



~ by mattsmoviethoughts on December 8, 2011.

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