Lady Gaga’s ‘Marry the Night’ Video is a Haunting Examination of the Young Star’s Life

Thirteen minutes and forty seven seconds. That is how long Lady Gaga is allowing herself to pour her disturbingly honest soul into what may be her most stunning music video to date. Marry the Night has more talking than singing and shows fans of Mother Monster what may or may not have happened leading up to the icon that Gaga would become.

She starts off the video by saying “the lie of it all is much more honest because I invented it.” This statement can apply to all art and is far more profound than I think most people expect of the pop star. The opening monologue puts us into the head of Lady Gaga more than anything else has before. If Darren Aronofsky ever made a film about her I have a feeling it would be a lot like this, just even longer.

Gaga is being pushed on a gurney by two sexy nurses. She enters the psych ward and she is referred to as a morphine queen. This is a story about Gaga’s drug addiction. She has referred to this part of her life before but for her to express it in this way is truly beautiful. Also I have to comment on Gaga’s acting here. She clearly produces real tears and bring so much emotion to such a small scene. With a bit more training and experience I would love to see her starring in movies.

The way the video is shot is incredible and worthy of the big screen. The long zooming out shot of the mental hospital was haunting. Also the lighting on her ballet scenes is gorgeous. Since Gaga directed the video I must commend her again for such an artful way of telling her story. The sets are gorgeous as well.

Eventually we get to see Gaga have a breakdown after a gig falls through. She messes around with Cheerios and a black censor bar over her breasts. Then she creepily dyes her hair blue as she slowly sings the beginning of Marry the Night. All of this is extremely unsettling and builds to a crescendo when she walks back into her dance school sporting clothes many would consider unconventional. The sequence is beautifully shot, powerful, and even has a bit of Gaga’s unique sense of humor. And all of this is just the prelude to the actual song (which lasts almost eight minutes on its own).

The beginning of the song sees Gaga stuck in a car with a bunch of other cars around her engulfed in flames. She looks like a junkie as she begins to sing the slow start of the song. Then a car suddenly explodes, much like the song does into its traditional dance music. We see Gaga become more confident just as she claims in the lyrics “I’m not gonna cry anymore!”.

Then the star takes her dance crew and chases the uptight ballet dancers out of the studio. As the song draws to its final chorus we get flashes of Gaga in her drugged out state naked in a bathtub. But then she symbolically helps another dancer up from the ground. Finally she ends up on the streets of New York and takes off her sunglasses to reveal a healthy looking woman. Mixed with these are quick shots of Gaga “cleansing” herself of the drugs and being helped up the stars as she crawls towards stardom. Look for a quick shot of her dumping out pills to rid herself of the drugs. Then cars start exploding an awesome fashion and Gaga reveals writing on her hand to remind her of a meeting with Interscope Records, the company that made her what she is.

Clearly this video, no, this story is very personal to the pop superstar. She tells it beautifully in this gripping and touching video. It may take some time to process, but it’s quite possible that Marry the Night tops her Bad Romance video.

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