‘A Very Gaga Thanksgiving’ Review

So when you heard about this what exactly did you expect? Regardless of what you thought this would be, Lady Gaga certainly pleased and surprised viewers this Thanksgiving night. She delivered herself more honestly than we usually get to see her. There were very few crazy outfits tonight as Gaga dressed classy for most of the special. For her this was clearly a formal event. As for the surprises, Gaga’s choice of songs was typical but the way she chose to sing them was shocking and mostly beautiful. She also taught us how to cook…

However the biggest surprise is that Gaga directed the special herself. This is truly amazing because she knew exactly how to strike the right notes to make a successful holiday special. The lighting was constantly beautiful and the art direction was gorgeous. The musical numbers were done with pizazz no matter how close to her heart she chose to sing them. No matter how you look at it Gaga directed this special with style and proved that she deserved the Thanksgiving night time slot on ABC.

Gaga performed Born This Way and Bad Romance as the traditional dance songs that they are. They were both solid performances but Bad Romance is a far superior song and Gaga had much more of her heart and typical weirdness during that song (I loved watching her shove food in her mouth and continue singing).

However she also took breaks from her normal songs and sang songs such as White Christmas, Orange Colored Sky, and a duet with Tony Bennett of The Lady is a Tramp. Gaga’s added lyric to White Christmas was pretty unnecessary but her voice convinced me that she should do a Christmas album. She should also do a jazz album after her, again, heartfelt performance of Orange Colored Sky. The duet with Tony Bennett was decent but didn’t look like quite as much fun as the official video did.

Despite these great performances the best were easily two of her latest singles. She beautifully altered You and I and Edge of Glory to make them far more personal, the later being especially sentimental. These were the two best performances of the night. Gaga exhibited an honesty that she rarely lets her fans see in these performances.

Sadly, however, when Gaga tried to do the same for Hair it fell completely flat. This is probably due to the fact that the lyrics of the song are really bad, no way around it. Hair just works much better as a mindless dance song. This performance was the worst part of the special and really brought things down after such a great first half.

Gaga then closed the special with a few brief lines from her latest single Marry the Night, as well as an early glimpse at the music video that has yet to be released (was so hoping for a surprise reveal of the whole thing during the special).

In between songs Gaga would do, well random things. The first of these had Gaga doing arts and crafts with a group of young girls. This segment was pretty traditional at being a cute. Nothing special, but nothing particularly bad.

The second saw Gaga cooking her families old recipes with Art Smith. This was actually pretty hysterical. Watching the superstar cook had some great laughs and really brought her down to Earth. An interesting note here was that Art Smith referred to Gaga by her real name a few time.

The last of these segments helped close the special. Gaga  was interviewed by Katie Couric in an interview that didn’t necessarily reveal anything all that interesting. However, Gaga’s personality is interesting enough that just watching her talk is a treat in itself.

All in all, A Very Gaga Thanksgiving was definitely a success. We got several beautiful performances, a sneak peek at her newest video, and saw her cook. The other non-musical segments were nothing special but helped break up the performances. Aside from the horrible performance of Hair, this was a great way to spend your Thanksgiving evening. I’ll be downloading Gaga’s versions of White Christmas and Orange Colored Sky immediately. (8/10)

photo credit: http://www.sheknows.com/entertainment/articles/848079/abcs-a-very-gaga-thanksgiving-sneak-peek







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