‘Modern Family: Punkin Chunkin’ Review

Ah Thanksgiving, a time to bring families together and let them try to tear each other apart. Punkin Chunkin had each household in conflict this week making for a more focused episode than we have seen this season so far. Mitch didn’t believe one of Cameron’s stories to be true. Jay and Gloria fought over whether to tell Manny his centerpiece was terrible. An old friend of Phil’s tell his success story causing Phil to wonder if Claire is dragging him down. As Cam said it was Dreamers vs. Pritchetts and it all made for one pretty hysterical episode.

The title comes from Cam’s story of his friend and him catapulting (or chunkin) a pumpkin across an entire football field and into an open sunroof. Mitch doesn’t believe this pretty ridiculous story naturally causing an argument. Hearing Cam tell the story in full, with the fog rolling over the mountains, was brilliant.

Over at Jay and Gloria’s the couple argued about Manny’s centerpiece and if they should tell him how terrible it is. I loved seeing Manny get over confident and try and criticize Jay’s cooking. Jay’s reaction was priceless as was Gloria’s defense.

In the Dunphy house Phil’s old friend inspired him to try and come up with a new table setting for Thanksgiving dinner. Sadly I felt that Phil’s friend was wasted and could have been saved for another episode. Their dynamic was funny and I hope to see him return. However, Phil and Claire’s interactions seemed lacking compared to other episodes. Also in the Dunphy house saw Alex and Haley dent the door of the family car. Watching them try and hide it was pretty funny and I have to admit that I like seeing them as a team rather than at each others throats.

The ending was brilliant as the family came together for Thanksgiving dinner. It all led to Cameron testing out his story for the family. Sure, the ending was sentimental and there are many episodes where I would criticize this but it worked very well here.

Punkin Chunkin was a fun Thanksgiving special for this show and may give some families a new tradition for Turkey Day. While Modern Family still lacks the punch it had in its first two seasons, this third season continues to produce satisfying episodes for a great show. (9/10)

photo credit: http://www.daemonstv.com/2011/11/23/modern-family-punkin-chunkin-season-3-episode-9/



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