‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Carnage of Krell’ Review

Well that was about as good of an ending as we could have gotten for this incredible story arc. This tale showcased so many things that we have seen before on this show but presented them in a way that made for one of the best and most emotional story arcs in the history of the show. Since season one’s standout episode Rookies we knew that the clones would be handled delicately on this show but never did I think we would get a story like this.

The opening was fantastic as the clones were ordered to execute two of their comrades. The close up on the guns firing was haunting, which made the reveal that they didn’t actually do it all the more touching. We also got a wonderful speech that defined exactly who the clones are. They are people, not expendable soldiers like the Separatist’s droids.

Then Krell gave Rex and his men orders to kill Umbarans disguised as clones. It was horrifying to see that they were not actually Umbarans and were just normal clones. Watching Rex take command of the situation by taking off his helmet and running into the battle was probably the most emotional moment I have seen on this series. Rex has become as important a hero on this show as Anakin or Asohka.

Finally, Rex led a group of clones to arrest Krell. Obviously he did not come quietly (I loved the nod to Revenge of the Sith here). The battle that ensued was epic, partly due to the fact that Krell has two double sided lightsabers. However there was real emotion in this fight as we saw the Jedi cut up clone after clone. Eventually Krell was subdued when a clone stunned him a la A New Hope.

I loved that Krell revealed that he aspired to be Dooku’s new apprentice as it was a nice little reminder of last year’s fantastic Savage Oppress arc. Eventually the clones realized that Krell had to die. Rex’s struggle was wonderful but not as great as Krell being shot mid sentence by another trooper. Rex being unable to kill a Jedi has me very interested in what this show might explore of his involvement in Order 66. Speaking of Order 66, knowing that is looming on all these heroic characters is fascinating. Eventually these men will betray their Jedi masters and I am very excited to see where this show goes with that side of the war.

To end this brilliant episode the clones wondered what their futures after the war might be like. This was a difficult thing to hear them say as they never quite get to rest once the Empire takes over the galaxy. And we all know how that war turns out for the stormtroopers (killed by teddy bears…).

I would say that the Umbara arc is runner up for best arc on the show to last year’s spectacular three-part Mortis storyline. It ended with its best episode and has me very excited and curious about where the show will take the clones from here. (10/10)

photo credit: http://www.starwars.com/explore/the-clone-wars/



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