‘The Office: Gettysburg’ Review

Tonight’s episode of The Office opened with what was easily the funniest cold open of the season. Watching Pam fake going into labor and then faking her water breaking was hysterical and a classic moment for the character. Her face when she softly said “false alarm” as the water bottle fell to the floor was brilliant.

But after this quick sequence of brilliance, it was all down hill from there. For some reason or another Andy decided to take everyone in the office on a trip to Gettysburg. This was a bad sign from the start as this was the first time the writers wrote Andy as if they were writing Michael. They are two different men with two different style of leadership, but that was not apparent tonight. If this continues then I might just have to stop watching the show.

Nothing that happened while everyone was in Gettysburg was all that interesting or funny. It was all a bit too familiar. I am remembering the countless episodes where Michael took everyone in the office to a character building retreat, and Andy can’t pull it off in the same way that he did. In the end Jim and Darryl had to, once again, prove to Andy that they respect him as a boss. This is the eighth episode of the season, Andy being uncomfortable is getting old very fast.

One funny subplot that came out of this however was Dwight’s ranting about the supposed Battle of Schrute Farms. I love when Erin defends people and just believes whatever she hears. I also love when Oscar calls people out for being wrong. The way this side story ended was hilarious.

Back at the office, Robert California came in to try and get fresh ideas from the remaining workers. He eventually liked Kevin’s idea about advertising but didn’t realize that all Kevin was talking about was cookies. This provided a few chuckles but nothing memorable. It ended exactly as you would expect it to.

To be honest, Gettysburg was just a bad episode of The Office. This show is falling apart very quickly. As I said last week, something needs to change. There needs to be a story to follow. Everything is starting to seem a bit too familiar. Luckily we have a Christmas episode coming up and they can’t possibly mess up that annual tradition, can they? (4.5/10)

photo credit: http://avaxhome.ws/video/series/The.Office.US.S08E08.html





~ by mattsmoviethoughts on November 18, 2011.

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