‘South Park: The Poor Kid’ (Season Finale) Review

Season 15 of South Park ended just like most of its season has been, very up and down. The Poor Kid had Kenny’s parents getting arrested for being white trash and being moved to a foster home. His new parents housed many children that they had do chores for them and forced to be agnostic. With Kenny gone, Cartman became the poorest kid in school and got his mother arrested for being white trash in the hopes of living with foster parents in Hawaii. Instead he ended up in the same house as Kenny.

This episode had two running jokes that they ran into the ground by the end of the half hour. However, one of them worked very well while the other only provided slight chuckles here and there in the beginning and not even a grin by the end. The former had the social worker who put Kenny and Cartman in their foster home constantly making Penn State jokes in light of the events with the football coach recently. These quick jabs were consistently hilarious throughout the entire episode. The later was the agnostic family constantly reminding their children, and you, that they were agnostic. They basically just restated the definition of the word over and over again. Their love for Dr. Pepper alone was actually pretty funny though.

An unexpected turn this episode ended up making was Kenny bringing back his alter-ego Mysterion to protect the foster kids. While random, I actually enjoyed all of these moments as light spoofs of The Dark Knight. It ended up being a solid way to wrap up the storyline too.

The final scene was brilliant. Kenny and Cartman returned to South Park Elementary and Kenny was once again the poorest kid in school. Then a huge bird burst through the ceiling and killed him. This was great for two reasons: firstly Cartman was once again the poorest kid in school, and secondly Kenny had not been killed yet this season and as the final scene of season 15 that was brilliant.

The Poor Kid had some great moments but overall was not one of the best episodes of the show or even the season. And so ends one of the most controversial seasons of South Park ever. Look for my review of all of season 15 later tonight. (7.5/10)

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One Response to “‘South Park: The Poor Kid’ (Season Finale) Review”

  1. Am I the only one who thought they were going to do a spoof of the video of Judge WIlliams spanking her daughter? Somehow, with all the dark rooms, I thought they were gonna do it.

    THis is the video I’m talking about: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wl9y3SIPt7o

    Awesome episode, by the way. Best of the season, along with Crack Baby Athletic Association and City Sushi, IMO.

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