‘South Park’ Season 15 Review

The season premiere that started this uneven season.

Fifteen seasons for any show is a long time to be on the air coming up with fresh, new ideas every week. South Park actually played with that struggle right in the middle of this very up and down season. Otherwise this season was very up and down quality wise. There were a lot of forgettable, and even some bad, episodes, but there was also some great stuff too. Basically South Park became one of the most inconsistent shows on TV. There is definitely room for improvement but after fifteen seasons you have to ask yourself when is a good time to stop?

The season started with a strong enough season premiere with HumancentiPad. It wasn’t a classic but it was a solid way to start off the season. For the most part, however, the first half of the season was pretty disappointing. Funny Bot, T.M.I., and Crack Baby Athletic Association were forgettable episodes with very little memorable human or commentary on current events.

The first half wasn’t all terrible however, Royal Pudding effectively ragged on the wedding in England way back in May. But the standout episode of the first seven was City Sushi, which proved that Butters is still possibly the best character to put at the forefront of any given episode.

The episode that could have changed the show forever, but didn't.

Then, before the summer break we got You’re Getting Old, which many fans thought meant the end of South Park, that is until it got renewed for seasons sixteen and seventeen a few months ago, and all the way through season twenty earlier this week. You’re Getting Old did something we had never seen before on South Park, a mid season cliffhanger. Was it effective? Yes. Was the payoff? Maybe. When South Park returned this fall with Ass Burgers it made sure the fans knew things weren’t going to change. The creators commented on the show but not in the most effective of ways. I for one felt very unsatisfied with how this story ended.


But the second half of the season was a bit better. Sure, it contained one of the worst episodes of the show ever, Bass to Mouth, but the rest was pretty okay. Episodes like Last of the Meheecans, 1%, and The Poor Kid were decent and a bit more memorable than stuff from the first half of the season. We also got a great episode in A History Channel Thanksgiving.

However, nothing this season beat Broadway Bro Down. It was by far the best episode of the season and an instant classic. Everything about it was so perfect and a far better self parody then You’re Getting Old and Ass Burgers.

If there is any reason to buy this season on DVD it's this.

Season 15 was not the best of South Park. It had a few too many forgettable episodes. It also had some really bad ones. The controversy proved to not matter once it had been resolved with the return of the show in the fall and the promise of at least five more season. However, if you look hard enough you will find some diamonds in the rough with this season. These episodes prove that there is still hope for South Park, but lets hope that season 16 fairs much better than this one did. (6.5/10)


photo credit: http://rakstagemom.wordpress.com/tag/trey-parker/





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