‘Modern Family: After the Fire’ Review

This episode started out kind of slow but ended up having some great moments that would help move the series and characters forward. As usual the plot lines were divided between the cast members pretty equally.

The weakest plot this week was between Claire, Mitch, and Gloria, an odd pairing and one that based on the results I wouldn’t like to see again. The story was that Mitch was treating Gloria like their mother and Claire was getting jealous. I have been having issues with Gloria this season. She is only used for her accent and not her character. We know from past seasons that Sofia Vergara is capable of much better than this. However, I did like how direct she was with Claire when she told her that she likes Mitch better. I wouldn’t mind seeing Claire try to come over her differences with Gloria in the future.

A smaller but much funnier plot saw Manny and Luke taking a toy helicopter from a victim of the fire. These two being paired was hilarious and I hope to see much more of it in the future. We’ve seen it before but this was classic for the two of them.

One of the other main plots had Cameron driving a truck with Alex and Haley in the passenger seats. Cameron needing to show that a gay man could drive a truck was funny and we got to see some great work from the two girls. Again this was an odd group of characters that we had not seen together much before this, and it worked pretty well. I would love to see the writers explore this more. I also loved how Alex flung her hair (just as Haley would) and spoke to the nerds to get the boys’ helicopter back. Alex probably has the least iconic role on this show and it was nice to see her get a little more to do than bounce off of her siblings or parents.

And last but not least, the best story this week had Phil giving Jay a massage after he threw out his back. The sight of Jay opening the door to Phil smiling ready to massage him was incredible. Then with Jay accidentally saying “I love you” and knowing how his son in law would react. But turned out Phil got distracted by a new work opportunity. I love that he went to Jay for advice on the matter and that the opportunity made Jay respect him more. Great moves for both characters.

After the Fire was a decent experimental episode that brought some different groups of characters together that we have not seen before. Not all of them worked but some of them did and we got some of the best interactions between Phil and Jay that we’ve seen on this show to date. Even though this wasn’t my favorite episode of the show I appreciate the writers trying new things with the characters. (8.5/10)

photo: http://www.fanpop.com/spots/modern-family/images/26293733/title/episode-308-after-fire-promotional-photos-photo




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One Response to “‘Modern Family: After the Fire’ Review”

  1. For myself it was Alex that stole the show, with her line, “your fans will be working for my fans” I thought this episode was the best of an already awesome season.

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