‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Plan of Dissent’ Review

The four part arc on Umbara continued this week as we saw several brave clone pilots attempt to destroy one of the main Separatist ships. However, the road to the exciting moments that ended the episode was rather shaky when compared to the gritty war stories that the last two episodes delivered.

The first half of the episode was simply more of the same. Krell assigned the clones to do something crazy, a few clones came up with a better way but when they suggested their idea to Krell he took it personally and refused to let them try. Sound familiar? I am beginning to think this should have been a three part story arc.

Although, the second half of the episode did deliver on some goods at least. I actually really enjoyed the reference Rex made to Anakin destroying the Trade Federation ship from the inside in Phantom Menace. It was a good way to show continuity within the universe. Then we got an exciting space battle, always a good thing in all Star Wars related things.

Upon the clones’ success, Krell congratulated them by telling them they will be tried and face execution. Something tells me that isn’t going to happen.

Sadly this story arc is becoming a bit overdone. I am still curious of what Anakin’s meeting with the chancellor was all about. Next week it ends and I assume by the title (Carnage of Krell) the general will be unleashed. That should be exciting to see but tonight’s episode didn’t quite cut it for me. (6/10)

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~ by mattsmoviethoughts on November 12, 2011.

One Response to “‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Plan of Dissent’ Review”

  1. It was Fives that referenced event on The Phantom Menace, not Rex.

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