‘The Office: Pam’s Replacement’ Review

Why do I get the feeling that another Jim and Pam baby birth episode is around the corner? I am fine with that because the first one was not particularly memorable and maybe the writers will learn from their mistakes. Anyway, tonight’s episode was pretty hit and miss. The two main plots both had potential and ended up stuck in a rut.

First we had Pam training her very attractive replacement. She kept trying to get Jim to admit that she was pretty but he refused. Watching him explain his reasoning was actually pretty funny. Then Pam involved Dwight and this plot went awry. Sure, Dwight grabbing Jim’s crotch was hysterical, but I found it hard to swallow that Pam actually started to worry about her husband’s feelings. They have never been that couple before so why now? Whatever the reason, it didn’t work, although Jim’s declaration of hidden feelings for the man who grabbed his crotch was pretty hilarious.

The second plot saw Andy, Darryl, and Kevin having a jam session. These three having a band has been an odd highlight for the last season or so. It is beyond cliche but the three of them pull it off wonderfully. Then enters Robert California. Robert brought his harmonica to the jam session as well as a few guest stars that were wasted in their brief moments. A better plot here would have been if Robert sounded horrible on the harmonica and Andy didn’t know how to tell him. This one just felt pointless.

I am starting to see a nasty trend on The Office. The stories just aren’t that interesting or even well constructed for that matter. The last few episodes have not been terrible but they haven’t been great either. This show is growing stale and fast. Something needs to happen soon to mix up the dynamics. James Spader already looks bored and Andy has proven himself as boss. A long term story arc needs to be set up, and something more than Andy and Erin. If this doesn’t happen soon then it will have been proven that this show should have ended with Michael Scott’s life in Scranton. (5.5/10)

photo credit: http://www.tvrockstars.com/the-office-spoilers-episode-8-07-pams-replacement-promotional-photos/


~ by mattsmoviethoughts on November 11, 2011.

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