Top 5 Leonardo DiCaprio Movies

J. Edgar is hitting theaters this week and Leonardo DiCaprio is playing the once infamous FBI director. Oscar hype surrounding the film is huge especially with Clint Eastwood directing. However, if this film gets any attention during awards’ season it will likely be for DiCaprio’s performance. Throughout his career, Leo has starred in many films that deserve recognition, and most have gotten it.

Note: This list is not his five best performances, merely the best movies he has appeared in.


5. Catch Me If You Can (2002)-

Sadly, this is one of Steven Spielberg most underrated films. Based on a true story, DiCaprio plays master con-man Frank Abagnale Jr. Tom Hanks is more than up for starring opposite of DiCaprio and the two have phenomenal on-screen chemistry to make for a fun movie, something we rarely see done well in true stories.



4. The Departed (2006)-

This Best Picture winner (surprisingly the first for director Martin Scorsese) is one of the most thrilling movies of the 2000s. DiCaprio and Matt Damon play moles, or rats, for the police and Boston mafia, respectively. While we get to see most of the characters’ heads blown off by the end, none of the all star cast comes up short performance wise. The Departed features everything that makes a great movie.



3. Revolutionary Road (2008)-

Sam Mendes beautifully brings this novel to life by reuniting one of film’s best on screen couples, this time playing a married couple in the 1950s. DiCaprio and Kate Winslet both give the performances of their careers. Revolutionary Road is possibly the most disturbing examination of marriage ever seen on the silver screen.



2. Inception (2010)-

My heart stays true for Christopher Nolan. The innovative director of The Dark Knight created a follow up that no one expected. DiCaprio stars as a dream thief hired to plant an idea in a business man’s head to destroy another company. Leo squares off against his dead wife, played maliciously by Marion Cotillard. This is a staple in sci-fi cinema and already a classic, just over a year after its release.



1. Titanic (1997)-

James Cameron became the self proclaimed king of the world when this epic hit theaters. It jump-started the careers of both Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. The movie is thrilling throughout its entire three hour running time. Once the ship hits the famous iceberg you will grip your armrest and resist blinking for the tragic climax of this timeless epic.



So, do you agree with my picks for Leo’s best films? Do you think J. Edgar will be able to compete with any of these movies? Comment away!

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~ by mattsmoviethoughts on November 8, 2011.

2 Responses to “Top 5 Leonardo DiCaprio Movies”

  1. 5. Catch Me If You Can
    4. Blood diamond
    3. The Departed
    2. Gangs of New York
    1. Titanic

  2. 1. inception
    2. catch me if you can
    3. titanic
    4. the departed
    5. the aviator

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