‘Dark Knight Rises’ in New York! A Fan’s Experience (Part 2)

Gotham Police Department vehicles surrounded the set, which was blocked off by barricades and offical set workers.

The second day of my Dark Knight Rises set visit was much less about observing a great director at work and seeing an awesome action sequence. Production last Saturday, Nov. 5th to be exact, had Wall Street closed off as shooting on the streets took place with hundreds of extras to battle it out for the film’s biggest action scene.

The first thing I noticed was fake snow on the ground. Based on previous set photos it is obvious that at least part of Rises will take place in the winter. Sadly, from my position I could barely see anything. I saw about two or three hundred cops run away from my position towards a camera. Set videos have confirmed that this was Gotham police charging an army of armed thugs on the opposite end of the street. This folks, was an epic shoot. The sounds of gunfire and explosions plagued the streets.


Seal on the GPD vehicles.

The sea of extras on Wall Street.

Eventually we found a pharmacy that had windows looking out onto the set. What I saw was hundreds of cops fighting thugs. It was mostly fistfights but most of the extras also carried guns. It was nothing short of epic. Check out this video that I took from the window of the pharmacy.

After that, I still was not satisfied. Going through a hotel lobby and coming out the other side, my friends and I found ourselves on the set of The Dark Knight Rises. Christopher Nolan was forty feet away, just as calm and collected as I saw him three days prior. Huge fans blew fake snow all over the shot and a huge crane lifted the camera. A very nice member of the crew let me take pictures for a take before telling me I had to leave. He also said that it was the biggest action scene of the movie. I asked him if it was the climax and he did not know.

Circled in red is Christopher Nolan. The take took place to the right of this picture but was hidden by a building.

The massive crane that the camera captured the scene from.

After my experiences following the production around Manhattan, I am only more excited for what is to come this summer. Sadly on Saturday I missed all the stars that were on set, but I am still satisfied with what I saw. The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters July, 20th (aka way too long from now). Get excited folks, this trilogy looks like its ending on a high.

Note: all photos and videos were taken by me.


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