‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars – The General’ Review

The saga on Umbara continued this week with just as much adrenaline that it began with. Tonight’s episode wasn’t quite as good as last week’s but it was still one of the best of the season thus far and continued to make this arc one of the most exciting in the history of the show.

This episode started where last week’s left off, right in the middle of the action. We were quickly introduced to a centipede type vehicle of the enemy that had endless guns pointed at the clones. These vehicles showed off some amazing animation on a mostly cloudy planet and proved to be quite destructive. I had a hard time believing what could be worse than them, then we got it. There was another giant war machine that could literally disintegrate half a dozen clones with a single shot.

Rex’s plan to destroy this machine fell on deaf ears with General Krell. Luckily he did it anyway and saved many clones. This was another great episode for the clones. They would engage in banter on the battlefield similar to that of the original trilogy. This made for a very Star Wars-y episode, something that the prequel trilogy of films has trouble attaining.

However this episode did have a number of shortcomings. I would have liked to have seen what Anakin’s meeting with Palpatine was all about. I also feel like Krell was underused this time around. I get the sense that we will see him unleashed in another episode in this arc, but it would still be better to see more of him beforehand.

The General did not achieve the raw feeling of war as well as last week’s episode did, but it was very much in line with the tone of the original trilogy of Star Wars. There is much to be excited about as this arc still has two more episodes to go. (8.5/10)

photo credit: http://www.actionfigureinsider.com/main/

~ by mattsmoviethoughts on November 5, 2011.

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