‘South Park: Bass to Mouth’ Review

After watching this episode I feel like I’m missing out on an inside joke. The Lemmiwinks rat has showed up before? Okay I guess. Regardless this was not a very good episode of South Park. There were no big laughs, just several small ones. There was so little that was good about this episode.

I am all for South Park to be weird and trippy, but this was too ridiculous. The ghost animals literally made no sense and served no purpose, but weirdly enough they were the funniest part of the half-hour. Sure, that isn’t saying much but had these things been developed a little more perhaps it would have been a better episode.

It is also hard for rats to be funny. The final confrontation between Wikileaks and Lemmiwinks fell completely flat. Yes, the irony of Wikileaks actually being a little pet rat is interesting, but they didn’t really do anything with it.

This entire episode just didn’t work and was probably the worst episode of the season. After last week’s stellar Butter’s centric episode and especially after the mayhem with the two episodes before that, this was a huge failure on the creators’ part. But I suppose they’ll try again next week. (3.5/10)

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~ by mattsmoviethoughts on October 20, 2011.

12 Responses to “‘South Park: Bass to Mouth’ Review”

  1. Horrible episode, horrible theme. Felt like watching state propaganda. I might as well have been watching this

  2. Why the hell are you doing south park reviews if you dont know the show. Lemmiwinks was shoved up mr. slaves ass, where he encountered all three ghost animals, each one aiding his escape from the gay mans ass. That said, this episode was great.

  3. Your fucking retarded. Lemiwinks was a really popular episode back when they did the Death Camp of Tolerance. It was a toss up to fans of the show, ie The Year of the Fan.

  4. I agree with you. This episode is rubbish! They need to stop making south park if all they can do is crap like this.

  5. You’re missing out on a HUGE inside joke. Lemmiwinks is a throwback character with a huge subplot from the South Park episode “The Death Camp of Tolerance”, as well as the weird ghostly animals seen. I strongly suggest you see that episode so you get the necessary context.

  6. Dude go watch all the episodes from south park and you gonna understand the animal ghosts and also lemmiwinks rat…they all have been on south park before,you shouldn’t make a review on something you dont know 100% off

  7. Few laughs? Me and my sister were cracking up every second. As for the flat epic battle, it just highlights the utter ridiculousness of the fact that it occurs between a gerbil and a rat who are also brothers. There’s a realistic nature to it that was also present in the original Lemmiwinks saga wherein Lemmiwinks basically just journeyed though a digestive tract (interestingly enough going from ass to mouth) and yet was considered a great hero despite the fact that he didn’t really do anything. All in all it made for a zany and fun episode that older fans will surely enjoy. As for everyone else, well, they just need to be in on the joke.

  8. dude the fuk how could you not even mention how pure and raw we got to see Cartman in this episode? Not just his insane problem solving but that he can just fuck with a girl who shows interest in him in order to see Selena Gomez get the crap beat out of her. I especially enjoyed how Parker and Stone dealt with the whole Cartman getting thrown under the bus scene. We get to see Mr Macky’s ludacrous forged suicide note (how could that not give you laughs mmmkay) but also that not one single kid or adult gave a fuck afterwards… The viewer doesn’t know what happened to Cartman until the end of the very slow and boring rat on rat combat! DiD it ever occur to you that THEY DID THAT ON PURPOSE? Now the viewer is thinking did they kill off Cartman? Do I even care? Is that a good thing?

    looks like you completely missed the mark on this review.

  9. …I’m sorry is this for real?

    As a reviewer, you definitely have a responsibility to know your material before you begin to criticize the “little that was so good about this episode”. Don’t fault the show for expanding running (and substantial, this episode was not a fan-boy wink) character arcs, if anything, Lemmiwinks should have made this appearance much sooner.

    All in all, a brilliant indict of Murdoch’s phone hacking.

    4/5 Stars

  10. I literally cannot fathom your reasoning behind /this/ episode being the worst of the season when there were episodes like Royal Wedding and Funnybot to contend with. This episode ran a seamless full-length story with consistently funny moments that hark back to the comedy gold of earlier seasons. Bass To Mouth is easily amongst the top 15 of the last five seasons.

  11. I kind of feel aswell that you, in this case, maybe shouldn’t be making reviews of something you’re not familiar with. I think this was the funniest episode of the season so far.

  12. ya dude you aren’t even qualified to review south park if you haven’t seen one of the most infamous episodes of all time

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