‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Frank’s Brother’ Review

This episode wasn’t the best episode of It’s Always Sunny, but I have to admit, I found a lot to enjoy in this half hour. The beginning had Frank’s brother barge into the bar and try to strangle him. Then, this ended up being an episode where Frank and his brother told the gang about their past and how they both loved the same woman.

The scenes that took place in the 60s and 70s were pretty hysterical. Seeing Danny DeVito try to play a timid 19 year old was hilarious.

One important note this episode brought to my mind was how graphic it was. We had two sex scenes and a number of scenes with Frank and his brother snorting cocaine. I didn’t know you could show people using cocaine on FX. Anyway, this provided some extra laughs just watching Frank freak out and practically shower himself in cocaine.

The ending of the episode was surprisingly tame compared to the rest of the half hour. It was also pretty predictable. It had its share of laughs but overall I found the payoff to be boring.

Frank’s Brother wasn’t a bad episode of this show, it just had nothing that made it stand out. Sure, the flashbacks had some great moments, but this season has already delivered a few classic episodes and I don’t see this one being memorable down the road. (7.5/10)

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~ by mattsmoviethoughts on October 14, 2011.

One Response to “‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Frank’s Brother’ Review”

  1. who was the model that having sex with frank?

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