‘Modern Family: Hit and Run’ Review

Simply classic. Hit and Run had everything that makes Modern Family the funniest show on TV. Everything about this episode worked wonderfully. As with most episodes, the plot was divided between the characters. This week saw Claire running for town council while Phil took care of the kids, Gloria getting upset because neither Jay nor Manny would accept her help on their problems, and Mitch and Cam experience a hit and run. All three threads worked incredibly well and culminated in one of the funniest moments of the show.

Mitch and Cam’s hit and run was absolutely hysterical as we see Cam chasing after the car screaming. It was done in a completely unexpected way and was a highlight of the episode. The sequence before it in the movie theater served its purpose in starting the episode out on a high note.

Frustrated Gloria is always hysterical to watch but this storyline had something else that made it even more spectacular. We have never seen Jay at work before and it was interesting to see that he had a boss so much younger than him. The boss’ critique was hard to watch as no one wants to see Jay losing his touch, especially to someone so much younger and as pretentious as this guy was.

However, the Dunphy’s continue to be given the best moments and stories on this show. David Cross continued his guest spot from last week in hilarious fashion with some great moments with Claire, who decides to run against him after the two have a particularly snarky encounter. This left Phil to take care of the kids on his own, but since he might as well be a kid himself that didn’t go too well. Meanwhile, Haley needed to borrow nine hundred dollars for an unspecified reason and went to her siblings. Luke’s response in particular was genius. First he came out with the “smart for his age” line about liquidation, then moments later we saw that he had actually frozen his savings in a block of ice. Comic genius.

The end of this episode was brilliant as the four men all went after the person who stole Haley’s money. The confrontation was great and finally gave Mitch an exciting moment. While this was going on, Gloria was able to help Claire with her problems.

Hit and Run is a classic episode of this show not just because it has some of the funniest moments in the show’s run but because it also understands the characters and gives them all moments to solve their issues. Nothing was corny or sappy here, yet I left this episode feeling tingly about how close the whole family really is. This is not an episode to miss. (9.5/10)

photo credit: http://www.tvfanatic.com/shows/modern-family/episodes/season_3/hit-and-run/

~ by mattsmoviethoughts on October 13, 2011.

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