The Villains of ‘Batman: Arkham City’

It’s true, Bruce Wayne is one of the best, if not the best, superhero characters ever created. His back story and persona are iconic and are great all on their own. But what really raises Batman stories to a higher level than any other superhero is his rogues gallery. Batman: Arkham City has many of these famous goons included in the game to face off against the Bat. Right now, there are over fifteen villains confirmed to be in the game, more than double that of Arkham Asylum. In this feature I am going to go through all confirmed villains to appear in Arkham City.


The Joker-

You can’t have a Batman game without his arch-nemesis. However, the Clown Prince of Crown comes with a twist this time around. The Titan formula from the last game has really affected him and he looks incredibly grotesque (more than usual). Recent reports have said something even more bizarre about this famous character, but I won’t spoil that here. Google it if you must, but I warn you its a potentially massive spoiler.


Harley Quinn-

Where would the Joker be without his Harley? This classic pairing gets another chance at love in Arkham City. On the disappointing side of news the voice actress from both the ’90s animated series and Arkham Asylum is not returning. The transition is pretty unnoticeable in the trailer but it is still sad to see the person who made the character famous in the first place take her leave.


Hugo Strange-

While I’m sure the Joker has big plans for our man in tights this time around, the real main villain appears to be mad scientist Hugo Strange. He seems to be running Arkham City and in charge of all of its security. But the most interesting thing about this villain is that he knows the true identity of Batman. It will be exciting to see how that information plays into the story of the game.



Now here’s a big one. Why you ask? That is because Catwoman is a playable character, and based on videos of Catwoman gameplay, this is going to be one of the best parts of Arkham City. Catwoman missions take up about 10% of the game and she will not simply be another skin over the same character, Catwoman will have her own set of moves and style of play. How many more days until this comes out?



When Arkham Asylum came out it had a slew of classic villains but one of the notably absent ones was Harvey Dent. Not anymore, and apparently he shows up right in the beginning too. Most gameplay footage we have seen involves Batman rescuing Catwoman from Two-Face’s trap. It sure looks like an exciting way to start off our visit to Arkham City.


The Riddler-

After Edward Nygma’s presence in Arkham Asylum, Rocksteady had to come back with something big for the character in the sequel, and they did. The Riddler’s parts sound like some of the most interesting parts of the game. He is out for revenge and this time solving Riddler puzzles can save lives. What a great way to test the players’ minds while expanding on the original.


The Penguin-

I am not a big fan of this gentleman of crime, but based on the trailer released specifically for his role in the game, I am excited about what Mr. Cobblepot has in store for Batman. He looks darker, grittier, and more menacing than ever before (and not in the overly disgusting methods of Tim Burton). He also seems to be keeping around more than just birds as pets…



Solomon Grundy-

That’s right, the Penguin trailer didn’t just reveal an interesting take on that character, but he’s also got Solomon Grundy to fight for him. I hope Rocksteady has improved the boss battles from the first game and makes this a fight to remember.


Mr. Freeze-

Based on the character specific trailer released for old Victor, an awesome boss bite is in store with the villain. I am mostly interested, however, to see how the game’s writers handle Norah, Freeze’s wife. I wouldn’t put it past them to kill her, sending Freeze over the edge against Batman. Forget Schwarzenegger, Mr. Freeze looks to be back and more dangerous than ever in Arkham City.



Before Tom Hardy plays the man who broke the Bat in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises, Bane will return after being thrown aside in Arkham Asylum. However, this time he will apparently be aiding Batman. For some weird feeling I doubt that is going to last very long, call it women’s intuition.


Talia al Ghul-

Here’s an interesting one. My guess is Talia isn’t locked in Arkham City with the rest of these goons. So what does the League of Shadows have to do with Gotham’s new prison? Is her father involved? Will Talia ever really prove to be a better match for Bruce Wayne than Selina Kyle? I bet she’ll try. Regardless, Talia’s inclusion is fascinating and adds so much more to speculation of where the game’s plot could head.




This is another baffling one because, like Talia, I sincerely doubt that he is locked up in the prison. Deadshot apparently has a hit list that Batman will try to figure out and try to stop him. So who hired him? Talia? Strange? Joker? Another mystery in what already looks to be a well woven yarn.


The Mad Hatter-

Mad Hatter is one of the latest character reveals and based on the brief look we have gotten of him, he is going to be creepy. I can’t help but picture a really messed up Alice in Wonderland style level. Mad Hatter is a great addition to the crazies that already run Arkham City.


Poison Ivy-

Another recent reveal was the villain who had arguably the best boss battle in Arkham Asylum. Ivy is a key returner and while I do hope her role is diluted from the last game so that we can focus on more villains I am glad to see her back. In the brief clip we saw she confronted Catwoman, so perhaps only Catwoman will encounter Ivy, which is fine by me.


Victor Zsasz-

Another returner from the Arkham Asylum roster is Zsasz. Although we know nothing about his return, he provided some of the creepiest moments in the original game. That’s probably because he is one of the creepiest Batman villains ever. The guy carves a tally on his body for every murder he commits, and he has a lot of tallies!


Calendar Man-

The last person on this list is a really pathetic villain. Unless they are doing what they did with him in The Long Halloween, I hope his role is minimal. If they do make him creepy like in that classic graphic novel then power to ’em. But I still hope he has a backseat position for the game.



Quite a roster huh? Yeah and I am sure there are a few more surprises that Rocksteady hasn’t told us about yet. Perhaps the Scarecrow or Kill Croc could return. Or maybe Talia will lead to her big bad daddy Ras. I must admit I would love to see how the makers structured a boss fight with Clayface. But that’s just me. Batman: Arkham City hits shelves in a week on the 18th. Get excited, it’s going to be a knockout.


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  1. clayface is also there

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