First ‘Avengers’ Trailer Teases an Epic Superhero Flick

Is it that time already to see the first trailers of next summer’s blockbusters? The first official trailer for The Avengers came out today and while it fails to reveal anything new I still can’t help but get a little giddy seeing all these superheroes interact for the first time.

The clip opens with a voiceover from last summer’s Thor villain Loki who promises doom and gloom for everyone on Earth. It certainly looks like all the authorities are shooting at one single enemy. That enemy causes a lot of property damage in awesome ways and is as of yet unseen.

This of course leads to Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury to talk about how only this particular group of superheroes can save the Earth, meanwhile we get a montage of these heroes in action, as well as a look at Iron Man’s new armor.

It’s all building to the best parts of the trailer which, unsurprisingly, are Tony Stark interacting with the rest of the team. I like seeing Captain America get in his face about not having powers. I like Thor’s hearty laugh. The writing has Joss Whedon all over it and that is ultimately why this movie will succeed.

The rest of the trailer is a montage of action including Hawkeye firing his bow, Black Widow kicking butt, Nick Fury firing a bazooka, Cap fighting Thor, Cap firing a machine gun, Loki throwing Cap out of a window, and many more explosions.

Then the final post logo sequence once again doesn’t show a huge action sequence but shows Tony harassing Mark Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner and a very brief look at the Hulk.

Clearly, the marketing people know that Whedon’s writing is the reason this film is going to be great. There is still much more to be revealed. Who are the Avengers fighting? What will the full body of the Hulk look like? What is Loki’s role in all of this? But that is for a later trailer, or hey! There’s this funny idea about saving surprises for the actual movie! Anyway, I like this marketing campaign thus far, it doesn’t reveal too much but makes sure we get a taste of Whedon’s signature writing style. Alright Christopher Nolan, you’re up.


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~ by mattsmoviethoughts on October 11, 2011.

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