‘The Office: Lotto’ Review

These sentimental moments with Ed Helms surprisingly work extremely well week after week. Perhaps this is because I love all these characters to a point where I want to work for Dunder Mifflin/Sabre. But still, Ed Helms has done a better job than anyone could have predicted in taking over for Steve Carell.

Lotto‘s plot had the warehouse workers all winning the lottery and quitting. The cold open was hilarious as we saw Oscar really let loose while being in line with his character. The writers have a strong grasp on his character and continue to give him some of the most memorable moments in each episode.

Once the ball got rolling we got a very upset Darryl at the fact that this job has consumed him and he is pretty much stuck here for the rest of his life. Eventually he broke down and told Andy to fire him. Andy of course refused and confronted Darryl. The Andy-Darryl dynamic has been building for two seasons now and it has worked really well in most cases. Darryl revealed that he wanted to be boss, just as many had guessed he would be. Andy sternly told him why he was not chosen and the reasons make sense. Yes, it feels as if the writers are trying to justify their choice in boss and they have. Now that Andy has been proven as the best choice I hope to see stories that continue to develop him as a leader.

The other plot this week saw Jim, Dwight, Kevin, and Erin working the warehouse once all the lottery winners quit. These were the funniest parts of the episode. Their ideas for how to work faster were hilarious. My only worry comes from the recent overuse of Kevin. Yes, Kevin is the source of a lot of great gags on this show, but I believe the writers are overusing him just a tad.

This week The Office delivered another good episode. I still like this show a lot, mostly because the ensemble cast is incredible, and I think they can survive without Steve Carell. Consider me sold. (8/10)

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~ by mattsmoviethoughts on October 7, 2011.

2 Responses to “‘The Office: Lotto’ Review”

  1. Wow, it seems we saw two different shows. I had really liked the first two episodes of the season, but this one was in my opinion one of the worst I’ve ever seen.

    The majority of the situations were so farfetched that I didn’t buy any of it. All the warehouse staff quitting over one hundred thousand dollars each? How long are they gonna live with that, two years, maybe? It’s not 1950.One hundred grand doesn’t buy much nowadays, and yet they kept talking about all the things the warehouse guys were going to do with aaaalllll that money. Cmon…

    Then, the interview with prospective new employees…how idiotic can Andy be? Can’t he behave like a normal person and conduct normal interviews? He’s done interviews both as applicant (for the manager position) or as interviewer (when Dwight wanted to apply to Cornell). He can do it pretty well, but the authors made it act like a moron today.

    Finally, the plot with Jim, Dwight, Kevin and Erin was ridiculous. They spent the whole day and didn’t load more than a dozen boxes to the truck. They have to be mentally challenged to not be able to load a truck with boxes. Who can believe that? If the client was so important, why didn’t Phyllis ask Bob Vance for help? He certainly has warehouse workers and trucks, he could have helped. As I said, nothing was believable.

    I’m sorry to disagree with you, but this episode didn’t hold any water. All the situations were impossible to believe. I hope they come back to the level of the previous episodes.

  2. Loved the episode, Loved Andy’s Speech to Darryl, but am I the only one would would like to see Dwight get the better of Jim??

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