‘South Park: Ass Burgers’ Review

After a summer of speculation and pure excitement over what South Park would do following one of the most talked about episodes ever, we got an episode that was both different, and yet more of the same. Ass Burgers still felt like South Park, but luckily they followed up on You’re Getting Old and made another story out of the events that ended that episode.

The main plot revolved around Stan as he continued to see and hear everything as sh*t. He eventually was approached by all the characters from The Matrix who offered a solution: whiskey. Alcohol was the only way for Stan to not think that everything was sh*t, what a hilariously honest way to look at the world. Touche to Parker and Stone. The plot was set up like many episodes of South Park, but it continued to comment on itself making it all work.

The B-story had Cartman selling burgers that he placed on his rear end making people think they are delicious, aka a typical gross-out plot for this show. But again, it ended up being a commentary on the show itself as Stan did not want to be a part of the usual antics. This was all set up for big changes for the show and the hilarious things that could have come from them.


Too bad the ending set everything back to normal.  That’s right, Stan’s parents got back together and for seemingly no reason at all other than the status quo resuming, he stopped hearing sh*t on the radio. Nothing changed after these two episodes and next week, for better or worse, South Park will continue its legendary run. Yes the ending was successful at commenting on the show, but we got that from the rest of the episode anyway. I am sure fans will be divided but I for one found this really disappointing.

As a whole, the episode was pretty funny and I am pleased that they did not simply ignore the last episode. The commentaries they made on the show were smart and in line with the tone set up from the months of waiting. But I cannot forgive the ending as it just seemed lazy. (7/10)

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~ by mattsmoviethoughts on October 6, 2011.

11 Responses to “‘South Park: Ass Burgers’ Review”

  1. Great review!

  2. It wasn’t really the same though. I don’t know if you missed Stan taking a pull from the Jameson bottle before what might be the first silent credit the show has ever done. I think that the creators are continuing to vent their frustrations with the feeling of artistic limitation and will continue to do so. It’ll be interesting to see if Stan’s drinking continues beyond this episode and South Park once more adapts and starts focusing more on storyline than doing essentially what they made fun of Family Guy for doing.

  3. I don’t know how you can critique this episode. The writers are probably feeling sick about the whole thing. To talk about this episode like any other (aka. being disappointing or giving a summary of it) is missing the point. It’s all a self-parody, a South Park kamikaze. To treat it like any other episode affirms the writers’ opinion — that yes, they’ll keep writing episodes, and we’ll keep reviewing them like any other episode, and it goes on and on, and nothing new will happen. So let’s treat this episode a little differently, maybe less as viewers of South Park and more as friends of the writers. I don’t care if “Stan’s drinking continues”. I hope Trey Parker and Matt Stone are doing alright.

  4. Well I bet it’s quite amusing if you actually have Asperger’s Syndrome, read things like Wrong Planet and AspiesforFreedom. There is an element within the sensitivity around seeing the world for what it is, though being paranoid enough to imagine any number of reasons WHY it is the way it is. Not sure if the aliens comments were a homage to McKinnon an Aspie who basically hacked into NASA because he was stoned, paranoid and felt life sucked.

    People with the condition can have high IQ’s but often resort to drugs, alcohol and self parody just to fit in.

    The whole vaccination causes autism thing is shit, there’s a brilliant episode from Penn and Tellar highlighting poor medical evidence, poor medical practice and possibly illegal vested interests involved. Yet dumb gullible neurotypicals will accept anything and somehow live in a world where Adam Sandler is an amazing comedian and you have to be stoned out of your mind on vaccinations you took when you were two to believe otherwise. If you question their judgement you are “diseased”

    For the Aspie you really think about it the episode was a bit shit, but amusing. I suppose for the rest of the world the episode was a bit amusing but completely shit.

    As for Stan’s drinking and depression, that seems actually quite in character for someone diagnosed with the condition, forced to endure the stupidity of modern day life, such as South Park.

  5. By the way, it should be hamburgers with donkey meat. 🙂

  6. I completely disagree with your assesment of the ending. If you watch a couple of times you will see the pure beautiful brilliance in it. The episode wasn’t perfect but the ending was.

  7. I think Stone and Parker wanted to do the show differently, but they were put off the idea by something, and so they just introduced a quick-fix to the plot (”whatever, fuck you!”). I’m inclined to blame Two and a Half Men for this. The show was mentioned several times this episode as being shit with Ashton Kutcher in it, so maybe the duo saw that Chuck Lorre’s attempt to reinvent his show (in their opinion) backfired, and they abandoned whatever plans they may have had for a new South Park.

  8. Had potential, needs to try harder next time…

  9. Well I might be wrong, to each their own … I tend to overgeneralise on people’s tastes when they’re all varied and wonderful and diverse.

    Truth is … I didn’t care.

  10. NOTHING is back the same way. the 10 year is drinking hard liquor to deal with his shitty life. The parents USED to cling to the illusion that they were still a pretty decent relationship. Now they know they are trapped. that was the OPPOSITE of a reset button. Dude, when the kid drank hard liquor so he could fake his way through zookeeper….damn. I was actually depressed. It reminded me of the worst times of my life…..

  11. Well, I have to say the episode as a whole was a total f*cking mess. Some parts were funny, some parts worked, but the story was incomplete as if the first draft made it into production somehow, skipping the normal rewrite and tightening up process.

    I thought the choice of alcohol as the ‘fix’ for stan’s blues was off the mark, it should have been weed. The ‘ass burgers’ side-plot was half-baked and needed a few more hours in the writing room to get it working properly.

    And yes, the ‘everything goes back to normal’ in the last 2 minutes was a giant ‘f*ck you’ to the audience who were hoping for some longer-lasting changes out of this two-part story. And now I’ve seen the next week’s episode (ep 9) it’s completly back to normal with no indication that stan’s drinking has continued or anything from this story has consequences.

    Really, I think Matt & Trey started episode 7 thinking that things had gotten into a rut and they wanted to make some big statement… then by the time ass burgers came into production they had kind of gone off the boil and really just wanted to wrap up this story without making any real changes.

    Mind you, after 15 years of stellar comedy I can cut the team some slack and not get too upset if they make a couple of wrong turns and churn out some crap once or twice a season. I think they’ve earned the right to get it wrong occasionally.

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