‘Modern Family: Door to Door’ Review

Everyone was in a similar boat this week on Modern Family, which was apparent with the sequence of quick cuts to different doors being knocked on by different characters. We had Manny and Jay trying to sell wrapping paper, Claire trying to get people to sign her petition for a stop sign at a dangerous intersection, and Gloria and Cam searching for the new dog Stella. These were not the only things going on this week however, Mitch and Cam fought over who should clean the mess in the kitchen and Phil and Luke had their usual antics.

Unlike last week’s busy episode, all these storylines flowed really well and none of them felt overdone or underutilized. However, this episode had an entirely different problem, these plot threads were not as funny as the show usually is. I say that because even when this show is not as funny as it usually is, it is still much funnier than almost every other show on television. Now more on what everyone was up to this week.

I was a bit disappointed to see another storyline revolving around Stella. Gloria is still as hysterical as ever but she dealt with the dog last week too. I hope to see less of Stella and more of the new Lily. Speaking of Lily, Cam and Mitch fighting over cleaning the kitchen had its moments, especially Cam imitating A Streetcar Named Desire. But this thread felt a bit familiar. It would have benefited the plot to integrate Lily more into Cam and Mitch’s familiar antics.

Manny and Jay trying to sell wrapping paper was pretty funny. Manny was hysterical as he finally made a sale at the end.

The Dunphy house ruled this episode as Phil’s interactions with the kids were fantastic. He really is much more like one of them than a husband. His antics with Luke this week paid off as they always do. But in the end, the whole family came through in helping Claire get her signatures. The video Phil and Luke made to drive her point home was the highlight of the episode.

While Door to Door wasn’t as funny as a lot of other episodes, it still had some great moments and was a well put together episode that juggled all the characters nicely. So far I must admit that while the show is still great, it seems to be struggling this season thus far. Hopefully it can return to its former glory and be the Modern Family we all know to love. (8.5/10)

photo credit: http://www.tvfanatic.com/shows/modern-family/episodes/season_3/door-to-door/


~ by mattsmoviethoughts on October 6, 2011.

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