‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Shadow Warrior’ Review

Why? Why does this show constantly feel the need to include Jar Jar Binks as a major character? And why so far this season have we seen even more Gungans? WHY?! Okay, I’m not necessarily a person who will immediately shut there brain off at the sight of Jar Jar but they have to make him interesting at least. Nope, not here.

This was a very bad episode of Clone Wars. The plot was boring, the deaths lacked any form of emotion, and the action, aside from one sequence, was lackluster.

There is no way to possibly make Gungan politics interesting if we can’t even move past their annoying nature. Something has to be done to make them less annoying (if I had it my way I would wipe them out, all of them). Having Jar Jar become leader of all the Gungans has me losing faith in Anakin and Padme’s mental health. The one cool thing about the overall plot was that this was an episode where we could see the tensions between the Republic and Trade Federation rise, especially with General Grevious. But that’s it.

Usually a terrible episode like this could at least deliver on some decent action. While that is partially true I cannot forgive one of the action sequences we got. Grevious being subdued by several Gungan warriors! What?! The general has killed multiple Jedi! Completely implausible to see Gungans take him down. Ridiculous.

However, we did get an awesome fight between Anakin, Dooku, and several of those crazy staff droids. The fight was well constructed and the highlight of the episode. Other than that there was nothing to save this week’s entry from how bad it was. (3/10)

photo credit: http://geek-news.mtv.com/2011/09/28/woodsys-world-of-star-wars-clone-wars-shadow-warrior-airs-this-friday/

~ by mattsmoviethoughts on October 1, 2011.

2 Responses to “‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Shadow Warrior’ Review”

  1. the Clone wars series tonight and i was reminded just how much i hate the gungans and why This show has made general Greivous into such a bad character. The episode was so bad i compelled me to post. I don’t know about you guys but every time i think of Greivous I think of the micro series and the battle of Hypori and his introduction and it just left such an impression of menace and him being a complete badass. The clone wars series has utterly destroyed that!! im pissed right now that George could take such a interesting character and make him a complete pussy.

  2. I understand that you don’t like Jar Jar (even though I don’t have a problem with him), but what’s wrong with the gungans in general? And what’s wrong with Grievous being beaten by gungans? That sequence was shown in a very credible way, and Tarpals sacrifice was very heroic.

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