‘The Office: The Incentive’ Review

The best part of this show used to be the awkwardness but now it’s the heart. After eight seasons there is still a lot that this show has to offer when it comes to its characters relationships with each other. This episode can be described as “cute” as we saw everyone in the office come together for a common cause.

The episode started with the new CEO Robert California giving a pep talk to the Scranton crew to bump up sales. He has kept up his persona that made him the funniest part of last spring’s finale. The character is consistent and that makes him much funnier when he acts like a jerk.

After that moment the episode slowed down a lot. There were very few laughs in this part of the half-hour. Also, Kevin might be starting to get overused. He is still hilarious but it might be a bit too much.

Then Andy gave them incentive; he would get a tattoo of his coworkers’ choice on his bum. Watching everyone work harder than we have ever seen them was hysterical. They eventually achieved their goal and had ideas for Andy’s tattoo that the camera could not show us. When Michael was boss he would have backed out at the last possible moment, just as the staff expected Andy to do. However, Andy proved to be a whole new type of boss.

Then we finally got to see the tattoo it was a brilliant way to show how much his co-workers respect him. Was this a great episode? Not necessarily, but it continued to prove why Andy was a great choice for the manager position. Had the episode been much more consistently funny it would have been a classic, but it will still go down as a fun episode. Long live The Office (8/10).


~ by mattsmoviethoughts on September 30, 2011.

2 Responses to “‘The Office: The Incentive’ Review”

  1. Agree 100%. It had few laugh out loud moments (e.g. cold beverage, Kevin at the reception desk), a few duds (Kevin’s new way of talking), and some missed opportunities (e.g. the incentive conference meeting could have been much funnier). However, the episode does a lot to distinguish Andy and his relationship with his staff from a prior manager. This episode, is a good setup episode for the future. It was fun and funny at moments with a lot of heart.

    I must mention though, that the scene with the Andy sitting on the desk reminded me too much of Michael. Then they did the scene at the end with Andy going through with the tattoo, which is something Michael would never do for his staff.

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