‘Two and a Half Men: Nice to Meet You, Walden Schmidt’ Review

“His body just exploded like a balloon full of meat.” That is how it is described that Charlie Sheen’s character dies in the season 9 premiere of Two and a Half Men. I have never been a huge fan of this show but it always had its moments. However, I have never seen a show do such a disservice to its fans than the half hour that premiered tonight. Yes, Charlie Sheen is, well, an idiot (I try not to use profanity as much as possible on here) but there’s a difference between holding a grudge and giving a character a proper send-off.

The closest thing we get to any form of sentiment is when Alan tries to decide what to do with the ashes, which he then spills all over the floor. When fans have followed a show for eight seasons with a certain star and that star is suddenly killed, they deserve more. The creator needs to grow up and learn how to put his feelings aside and write an unbiased television show.

As for Ashton Kutcher, he was hit or miss. His character provided a few chuckles and smiles but nothing too hysterical. By the end of the episode his character had developed the same dynamic that Sheen’s did with the show. The show will survive for as long as it can whether people by into the cheap replacement or not. However, this reviewer hoped that the show’s writers could end this whole dispute with a little class. Instead I am sure they left fans, and maybe even many involved with the show, disappointed. Too bad. (1/10)

Note: I will not be reviewing Two and a Half Men on a weekly basis. I was merely curious of how the show would handle itself given the difficult situation.

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~ by mattsmoviethoughts on September 20, 2011.

One Response to “‘Two and a Half Men: Nice to Meet You, Walden Schmidt’ Review”

  1. I TOTALLY agree! I haven’t watched it in like 2 years and I was reminded why I stopped watching it! It was NOT funny! Spilling the ashes all over the carpet was supposed to be funny?! Really? And Ashton Kutcher’s character seemed lame, not really someone I care enough about to tune in next week. I’ll stick to my Dancing with the Stars! 🙂

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