‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars- Water War/Gungan Attack’ (Season Premiere) Review

It’s a shame that this show doesn’t have as big of a fan-base as it should. Clone Wars is consistently exciting and has managed to strike the tone of the original movies on several occasions. Season 4 premiered pretty strong last night with two enjoyable episodes.

The first was Water War which dealt with a dispute between several underwater races that Anakin and Padme were sent to work out. The episode started kind of slow but once the fighting began it became one of the coolest battles we’ve seen on the series yet. The animators are as great as ever as they constructed the whole underwater battle in a creative, unique way.

I must say, I loved the shark-like villain from this episode. He was brutal and had a very cool way of attacking people. Clone Wars is still probably the most violent kids show on TV, and that really helps the show feel like it is a part of Star Wars.

Also, Admiral Ackbar had a significant role in Water Wars. It was really cool to see him in action and his appearance did not overshadow the main characters as Chewbacca’s did at the end of last season. This episode was a great way to start off the season. (8.5/10)

The second episode was Gungan Attack, which probably makes most Star Wars fans squirm at the idea of Jar Jar Binks returning. Yet his role was small enough that it didn’t make a huge mark on the episode. This episode featured some very cool weapons for the underwater setting of the action. Those humungous jellyfish things were very cool.

Otherwise this episode wasn’t quite as exciting as the one that came before it. The action, while still creative, didn’t have quite as many great moments all out underwater battle in the previous one. I did love watching Kit Fisto attack the shark villain, it was pretty epic.

Gungan Attack was still a great episode but not quite as good as its predecessor. (8/10)

photo credit: http://www.starwars.com/explore/the-clone-wars/


~ by mattsmoviethoughts on September 17, 2011.

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