‘Louie: Airport/New Jersey’ (Season Finale) Review

I have to admit, I am really going to miss Louie on Thursday nights. The show is a wonderful addition to my week. Tonight’s episode represented a lot of things about this season. As you can tell from the title, this was one of the episodes that had two unrelated segments.

The New Jersey segment was not particularly original or interesting. Louie met a girl after a great comedy set at the club he usually performs at. She takes him to her house in Jersey where it is revealed that she has a husband. Creepy? Absolutely. Done before? Yeah. We’ve seen a few too many episodes of this show where Louie goes after a freak who has some crazy sex plan for them. It simply isn’t as funny anymore. Louis C.K. still does a great job of telling this story in a way that feels incredibly real but we have just seen it too many times. I would rather see more episodes that focus on Louie as a father than his random sexual adventures.

The Airport part of the episode worked much better. It was actually a very emotional goodbye between Louie and Pamela as she moves to Paris to be with her ex-husband and son. Louie hopes for her to stay because he is still in love with her. Their goodbye was brilliantly funny, sad, and pathetic. Some part of me sat there hoping for a Ross and Rachel style get-together after she had boarded the plane. Another part of me hoped that Louie would do exactly what Pamela told her to do: move on. Regardless, the ending here was hilarious while still providing sadness and hope.

Airport/New Jersey is far from the best episode of the season but it still provided what Louie promises every week: laughs and realism. Can’t wait for season three. (8/10)

photo credit: http://www.locatetv.com/tv/louie/7253867

~ by mattsmoviethoughts on September 9, 2011.

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