The Best of the Cast of ‘Contagion’

The best thing about the trailers for Contagion is the sheer amount of star power within the cast. Matt Damon, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Winslet, Laurence Fishburne, Jude Law, and Marion Cotillard? If the movie had any two of them it would still be worth checking out. All six of them have great careers but what is the best movie that they have each done? Here are my picks for the best movies of their careers.


Matt Damon- Saving Private Ryan (1998)-

Since this came out there has not been another war movie that matches the raw, gritty feel to the battle scenes. Matt Damon plays the title character but only really appears in the third act. His stand-out scene is when he tells Tom Hanks stories from his childhood just after learning of his brothers’ deaths.


Gwyneth Paltrow- Se7en (1995)-

This is the movie that put David Fincher on the map. Gwyneth’s role is small but significant as Brad Pitt’s wife. She has a wonderful scene in a diner with Morgan Freeman where she tells him that she is carrying Pitt’s baby and that he doesn’t know.


Kate Winslet- Titanic (1997)-

James Cameron’s epic love story is simply one of the best films ever made. Winslet and DiCaprio own the movie and help make it the classic that it is considered today. There are so many great moments where Winslet shines, including a pretty hysterical spitting contest, however I am going to go with the classic moment where DiCaprio holds her at the front of the ship and makes her “king of the world”.



Laurence Fishburne- The Matrix (1999)-

Even though Morpheus isn’t the main character in this classic sci-fi flick, he certainly is the most iconic. Every line he delivers with such nuance, not to mention the awesome action scenes he gets. The scene where he trains Neo is among the best.


Jude Law- Road to Perdition (2002)-

Sam Mendes directed this wonderful stylistic gangster movie. Jude Law was sufficiently creepy as an assassin out to get Tom Hanks and his son. This movie is so beautifully crafted that it is impossible to get sucked into the period.


Marion Cotillard- Inception (2010)-

Chris Nolan’s brilliant sci-fi epic featured Cotillard as a villain of sorts whenever the characters went into a dream. She shows up in the very beginning as a forced to be reckoned with and doesn’t let up. Cotillard has a role in Nolan’s next Batman film as well and will knock our socks off once more.


There you have it readers! Do you agree with my picks for these actors’ best movies? Post in the comments section!


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