‘Louie: Niece’ Review

I guess they can’t all be great. After so many well thought out smart episodes this season we finally got a dud. Tonight’s episode dealt with Louie having to take care of his niece while her mother takes a trip to Philadelphia. His niece is a thirteen year old that he cannot connect with on any level not matter what he tries. She even tries at one point by asking him to perform stand-up comedy for her at his club. Though he fails to entertain her because he tries to clean up his act for the thirteen year old.

The point of this episode at first seemed to be to watch Louie struggle, yet again, with connecting to kids. We’ve gotten plenty of that before but the difference is that it was with Louie’s two hysterical daughters. Louie’s niece was never funny, she just seemed like a brat the whole time. She apparently has a terrible home life which does get elaborated a little but not enough.

The big twist of the episode was that the niece’s mother is in the hospital and that Louie is going to have to take care of her until she is okay. I’m not sure how I feel about this. It could end up being a heartwarming story of a depressed little girl finding love in another family. Or it could be like this episode, boring. Well next week is the season finale so we shall see what’s in store for the family.

Overall, I was pretty displeased with this episode especially since we’ve seen so much genius this season. However, a bad episode of Louie is still better than a lot of other things you could watch on TV. This episode still contained great acting and continues to be the most artistic comedy on television. Niece will not go down as a classic but it could be a pivotal episode if the new addition to the family is here to stay. Too bad it wasn’t done with more humor or a more unique point. (6.5/10)

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~ by mattsmoviethoughts on September 2, 2011.

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