First ‘Hunger Games’ Trailer Shows…Nothing

There is a time during production where a trailer like this can be effective, but it is only for a certain amount of time before fans become annoyed by how little they were shown. Chris Nolan released The Dark Knight Rises trailer about a month or two after production started and over a year before the finished film will hit theaters. That is an example of good marketing. Last night on MTV’s Video Music Awards we got the first trailer for The Hunger Games and I was expecting a lot more. I have never read the books but the hype surround both them and the upcoming adaptation is huge. Production started last May and here we are in the last week of August and this is the trailer we get. A perfect example of bad marketing.

The movie does have a smart director in Gary Ross (Seabiscuit and Pleasantville) and a beautiful rising star in Jennifer Lawrence (Winter’s Bone and X-men: First Class). These two things give me hope because the trailer has left me feeling empty. We get Jennifer Lawrence dodging explosions in the woods while voiceovers hint at the plot for newcomers. Then a very cliche shot of our hero shooting an arrow which creates the very awesome logo for the movie. It’s all very blah. Hopefully we will get a full trailer soon that displays the themes that I have been told make the book so brilliant. Anyway, check it out below.


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~ by mattsmoviethoughts on August 29, 2011.

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