Fall TV Preview: The Shows I Plan to Cover

Now that summer is at and end and hurricane Irene is preventing you from getting in those last few beach days you are probably sitting there watching reruns on TBS. Okay, maybe that’s just me but I’m itching for some new episodes os my favorite shows. As some of you may know, the way I cover TV shows is I review each episode right after it airs and then review the season as a whole once it is finished. Here are 5 shows that I plan to cover. If you have any other suggestions post them in the comments section and I will look into the show.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia– premieres Sept. 15th

The FX comedy is heading into its seventh season this year. Promos show that Mac has gained a lot of weight this season with actor Rob McElhenney claiming it is for the show. There is one episode that is titled ‘The Gang Throws a Baby Funeral’ that MovieWeb describes as one of the darkest things the show has ever done. There is also an episode involving Frank proposing to a prostitute and another where the gang goes to the Jersey Shore. Sounds like a lot to be excited about and it doesn’t appear that the show has lost any of its luster after six season. Take a look at the hilarious promo below.


Star Wars: The Clone Wars– premieres Sept. 16th

This underrated show is great for a lot of reasons. The show explores Anakin’s descend into darkness much better than any of the prequels did. Also it’s just a fun show if you are a Star Wars fan with a lot of references to classic moments. Season 4 is subtitled ‘Battle Lines’ and starts with a three part story involving an underwater battle and Admiral Ackbar. This season I would like to start getting some hints about Ahsoka’s fate as she has no part in Revenge of the Sith. Check out the awesome trailer for this season below.


Modern Family– premieres Sept. 21st

ABC’s breakout comedy hit returns for its third season with a brand new baby Lily! Some things that this season promises are a family trip to Wyoming, Alex and Hayley being in the same math class, and the return of Fred Willard as Phil’s father. This show never disappoints as the funniest show on TV right now. All of the older cast members received Emmy nominations and every single one of them deserves to win. Season 3 is one to definitely not miss. Unfortunately there are no sneak previews or promos thus far.


The Office– premieres Sept. 22nd

Goodbyes are hard but last season Michael Scott left in style. His final moments on the show were indescribably perfect. The three episodes that aired after his departure were decent at best. This season James Spader is being brought on as the new CEO, replacing Kathy Bates. I think this is a good direction to go in as we will still have some new character interactions but the show will still rely on its brilliant ensemble (it has been confirmed that the manager of Scranton branch will be an inside hire). This is my favorite show and I am really hoping that it can last despite the loss of Steve Carell. No promos for this one yet either.


South Park– resumes Oct. 5th

Season 15 resumes the first Wednesday of October after the spring finale left many fans wondering if this would be the last season of the show. However, in July, Comedy Central renewed the show for seasons 16 and 17. So did that last episode mean nothing? Also let’s hope that the second half of season 15 is much better than the boring, tired first half. If the show can’t bounce back after a number of less than satisfactory episodes we may wish that season 15 was the end. Obviously there is no promo since Trey Parker and Matt Stone create the episodes a week before they air.



There you have it readers, all the shows that I plan to cover in the Fall. Any others you would like to see covered on here? Preferably they would be new since I don’t have time to do season catch-ups with school starting soon and everything. However I will certainly take your suggestions to heart.


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photo credits: http://www.daemonstv.com/2011/08/19/its-always-sunny-in-philadelphia-season-7-family-photo/





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One Response to “Fall TV Preview: The Shows I Plan to Cover”

  1. “Terra Nova!” Dinosaurs = awesome.

    And “Once Upon A Time.”

    Those are the new ones I’ll be watching, along with “Pan Am” and maybe “The Playboy Club.”

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