‘Louie: Halloween/Ellie’ Review

This week’s episode of Louie went back to the formula of two unrelated stories that break the episode in half. Sometimes these episodes work wonderfully with both halves coming together both in tone and in style (see Subway/Pamela from a few weeks ago). This one unfortunately didn’t blend the two halves as well as others have but it still made for a good half-hour of television.

The first half had Louie taking his two daughters trick’ r’ treating in Manhattan. The younger daughter was dressed as a fairy. The older daughter was dressed as Frederick Douglas. She painted her face and wore a large gray beard. I loved the looks she got from the first few people we saw them go to for candy. Louie grimly states “she just did a report on him”. It was a classic moment.

Then they start getting followed by two creeps in costumes. I loved how the scene of them being followed was shot like a crappy 70’s B-movie. This show continues to prove that Louis C.K. cares about ALL aspects of his show and has a talent for directing. Louie gets a little freaked out as they don’t back off when he tells his daughters that they will. Then the younger daughter stand up for her family in the highlight of the episode. Watching her scream at these two goons was hysterical.

The second segment of the episode had Louie in a room full of comedians called in to help make a movie script funnier. When Louie speaks of the vice president of Paramount Pictures likes what he says and offers to buy him lunch. I liked how for a little while it seemed that Louie might actually do something to improve his life. Then he pitched an idea for a movie to her. He told a depressing story of a man who had a terrible life and it only gets worse and worse as the movie progresses. The woman from Paramount obviously wasn’t as enthusiastic about the idea as Louie was and ended up leaving the table.

This whole segment didn’t end up being as funny as it could have been but managed to show a decent opportunity for Louie. I hope it was true when he said he would like to do movies. Based on how well this show is directed I would love to see a film in the surprisingly creative hands of Louis C.K.

Overall, the first segment worked much better than the second, but the second had a decent enough point it was making that it was worth it. (8/10)

photo credit: http://video.tvguide.com/Louie/PTA+Meeting/10316515?autoplay=true

~ by mattsmoviethoughts on August 19, 2011.

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