Lady Gaga’s ‘You and I’ Video is a Much Needed Return to Form

About a month or two ago Lady Gaga released her video for Edge of Glory, and it was terrible. Coming off of the boring Judas video and a slightly disappointing album overall it looked to me like Gaga had run out of gas. How wrong was I. Recently You and I has been creeping onto the radio. The song is a standout track on the Born This Way album with many critics citing it as their favorite. I don’t necessarily agree (I could listen to ScheiBe and Heavy Metal Lover on repeat for days) but it certainly is the most interesting song on the album as it is nothing like anything she has done before. It’s sort of a country, rock ballad carried by her vocals. It truly is an amazing genre blender for her. Anyway, today she released the video and it lives up to her legacy as, well, Lady Gaga.

The video starts with Gaga walking the barren roads of Nebraska in an all black dress. The juxtaposition of all of Lady Gaga’s weirdness with the simplest part of America is genius. Before the song even starts we get a montage of torture and corn fields. As for Gaga herself she kind of looks like Bellatrix Lestrange from Harry Potter (I approve). We also get Gaga playing a piano in the middle of a corn field with her dressed up as a man sitting on said piano. She appears to be serenading herself. There is also a man who has her Frankenstein style on an upright operating table in a barn. The man appears to be turning her into a robotic monster of sorts. Oh and sometimes she has blue hair and a mermaid tail. Then there’s mermaid sex and she kisses herself on the piano. The video ends with all parts of her seemingly happy with the man she ends up with.

So what does this all mean? Well that’s anyone’s guess but my impression is that Gaga is saying that we have to love all parts of ourselves. She loves herself when she kisses the man version of herself on the piano (kuddos to the person who did the make-up in this video, its incredible). The man loves the fish out of water that is the mermaid. The video ends with the man lifting the veil of Gaga’s wedding dress over her head so that he finally can see all the parts of her in one. But this doesn’t match up with the scenes of torture and her robotic arm. If you have any thoughts, I really do read my comments.

One final note, the cinematography, lighting, and overall style of the video is nothing short of amazing. Every shot is carefully planned out and beautifully lit. It’s honestly comparable to well made indie film. Mother Monster has proved that she isn’t quite done yet. Lady Gaga is exciting again.

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~ by mattsmoviethoughts on August 16, 2011.

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