Harold and Kumar 3 Trailer Looks Just As Good As the Others

The Harold and Kumar series is really love it or hate it. Some people classify them as simple, stupid stoner comedies while others see them as slightly intelligent political commentaries. The reason I love them so much is because they manage to blend those two things so well while still being hilarious. Hearing that they would be doing a third movie, a Christmas movie in 3D no less has me pretty excited. Last night the first trailer premiered. Here are my impressions.

The trailer starts with Harold accidentally shooting Santa Clause. It’s likely that this is something that happens when they are high but maybe not! It is a Christmas movie after all. Then we get a joke about Kumar being black, typical Harold and Kumar stuff. They also seem to be playing up the 3D a lot which has me excited. I hope the 3D humor is in line with Jackass 3D. 3D works well for comedies like this. There is even a hilarious joke about 3D “jumping the shark”. This movie knows how ridiculous it is and embraces it.

Oh and of course Neil Patrick Harris is back. He seems to be attending a heaven party with Jesus (he did die at a whorehouse in the last one). NPH is one of the best parts of these movies and they smartly have put him in the trailers for fans of his work outside of these movie and fans of the ridiculous yet classic scenes from the previous two.

There’s a scene in the trailer where the title characters are claymation like many other Christmas specials. Here is an aspect that mixes a stoner comedy with a Christmas movie brilliantly, which is exactly what this movie needs to do. Same goes for when we see Harold get his junk stuck to a pole just like in A Christmas Story.

The trailer ends with a toddler claiming she has the munchies. Excited yet? It isn’t going to actually be a good movie but it’s going to be a Harold and Kumar Christmas movie in 3D. If you don’t like any of those things steer clear because they don’t look like they want to be anything other than that. If you do like those things A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas might be the perfect holiday movie for you this fall. I personally am incredibly excited. The movie hits theaters November 4th.

photo credit: http://www.blogomatic3000.com/2011/08/10/first-image-from-a-very-harold-kumar-christmas/


~ by mattsmoviethoughts on August 11, 2011.

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