‘Louie: Oh Louie/Tickets’ Review

Every Thursday this summer, Louie proves to be the best half-hour I spend in front of the TV each week. Oh Louie/Tickets was yet another great episode of the show as it hilariously addressed the only major controversy in Louis C.K.’s life and showed its audience the absurdity of sitcoms.

The first part of the title refers to the fictional sitcom Louie was acting on as the leading man. Louie gets angry when his on screen wife says something “cute” and unrealistic that has become custom for sitcoms. It’s always funny to see smart shows make fun of the absurd shows, particularly sitcoms, that people watch every week. The only problem is that this idea isn’t exactly original. Scrubs had a very similar episode about halfway through its run. It had the same exact message and a similar way of getting it across. It’s still well done idea and Louie did it extremely well I just hope it doesn’t become the next “clip show”.

The second half of the episode really delivered. Louie’s daughter’s birthday comes along and Louie buys her tickets to a show she has no interest in. His daughter then tells him that she would rather see Lady Gaga. The conversation that ensues is fantastic as Louie tries not to insult the pop star or his daughter’s taste in music and fails miserably.

He then learns that Dane Cook has the same promoter as Gaga and meets him back stage to ask for tickets. You might remember a rumor a few years back that Dane Cook had stolen a few of Louis C.K.’s jokes for his stand-up comedy. The issue of course gets addressed and we get an incredibly awkward yet hysterical conversation between these two all-star comedians. Dane Cook has never been funnier as an actor than he is here. I’m really curious about how this segment came to be behind the scenes.

Anyway, Louie decides to get her a real present rather than tickets. The disapproving yet modest look on his daughter’s face is perfect. The end credits scene was pretty great too as Bob Saget replaced Louie on the sitcom and played the “cute” nature of sitcoms with just the right amount of sarcasm.

Season 2 of Louie has produced a few classic episodes of the show, this being one of them. (9/10)

photo credit: http://thecomicscomic.com/category/videos/


~ by mattsmoviethoughts on August 5, 2011.

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