The Five Strangest Roles That James Franco Got Paid For

Go on James Franco’s IMDB page (I know you\’re all lazy so here\’s the link). Look at the strange assortment of movies and TV shows he has appeared in. This week of course he stars in Rise of the Planet of the Apes, the last major blockbuster of summer. He first starred in the cult classic comedy series Freaks and Geeks from 1999 to 2000. Most of you probably remember first seeing him in the original Spider-man movie. Since he reached stardom, Franco has made some interesting choices in his career. Here are the five most mind boggling things we’ve seen James Franco do to date.


5. Hosting the Academy Awards-

I honestly love most of the work James Franco does but this was just bad. Anne Hathaway did better but not by much. It was so incredibly awkward to watch him on stage. He looked like he took a few puffs of the magic dragon before coming on stage. Another strange reason he was host was because he was nominated for Best Actor. Has that happened before? Regardless, I don’t think Franco will be called back after some bad backlash for his hosting duties. He was a strange choice to begin with. The Academy seemed to be trying too hard to appeal to younger viewers. Oh well.


4. Starring in Rise of the Planet of the Apes

The man was just nominated for an Oscar and he goes on to make a prequel to Planet of the Apes that no one really wanted or needed. I will admit, so far the buzz is positive, but its still a strange choice. Franco is starting to get a reputation as Hollywood’s favorite stoner and now he’s going to play a scientist who makes apes a lot smarter? I’m all for a diverse career but this is even strange casting on the filmmakers part. We’ll see though maybe it will turn out great, but even so it will still be a very strange move for Franco’s career.


3. Starring in and getting nominated for 127 Hours

Franco’s career before 127 Hours is mostly the Spider-man trilogy and stoner comedies. Then Danny Boyle cast him for this true story about a man stuck between a rock and a hard place. Franco was incredible in this film and even got nominated for an Oscar. He ended up doing a wonderful job in a movie where he was the only one on screen for the majority of it. He deserved all the recognition he got and proved that Franco wouldn’t do any old award type movie and went for an edgy director and a challenge of a character.


2. Directing, Writing, and Starring in Good Time Max

Haven’t heard of it? That is a shame because it truly is very good. Franco not only starred in this drug movie but he also wrote and directed it. For as young as he is this was a very impressive movie. He has a future as a director. The film’s story isn’t all that original but the style is amazing. The film is shot almost documentary style and features some really good cinematography for a low budget film. This is Franco showing how much he can do when he has a passion for something. Its a well done film and really disappointing that it isn’t as popular as he is.


1. Guest Starring on General Hospital

Nope, this wasn’t at the beginning of his career while he was just starting out, this was this year. He is probably the only person to ever get nominated for an Oscar and then show up on a soap opera. To be honest I haven’t seen his work on the show (I’m sure its better than every other actor on there). After this there are few things that Franco could pull to surprise us further.


Strange right? What’s next? Could he release a single? Another superhero movie? More directing? Whatever it is I am certainly excited to see what he does next.


~ by mattsmoviethoughts on August 2, 2011.

2 Responses to “The Five Strangest Roles That James Franco Got Paid For”

  1. What about his forays as a writer and a photographer- his book of short stories was surprisingly pretty good. I didn’t get a chance to see his photo installation in Brooklyn, but it had pretty good buzz. I’m in awe of him (except for ‘Your Highness.’ That didn’t thrill me.)

  2. “Good Time Max” is probably on of my favorite Franco roles and I’m truly disappointed to see him in such poorly selected roles like Rise of the Planet of the Apes and as an Awards host

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