‘Falling Skies: What Hides Beneath’ Review

The two part episode that ended last week proved just how good Falling Skies can be if it wants to. Both parts of Sanctuary made me like characters I previously couldn’t care less about. I am happy to report that this weeks episode, What Hides Beneath continues this trend and is a great set up for next week’s two-hour finale.

From the opening dream sequence of the episode, it was clear we were going to get a lot of information about Weaver. Turns out he was divorced a year before the attack (makes sense if you ask me). He is fighting for revenge because of his family’s deaths. Finally! Weaver became completely likable in this episode! Sure he’s still an a**hole but now he is a fully developed a**hole. But it doesn’t end there, by the end of the episode Weaver had actually grown. Development and growth in one hour of television, touche Falling Skies. He found his wife’s glasses and for some forgettable reason that means she might be alive. Weaver is fighting for something now, not just revenge. Excellent stuff.

This episode also had two very interesting surprises. The first was that the skitters are not the main aliens in charge; some creepy, lanky, silver guys are. Up until now the only true enemies were skitters, mechs, and a few humans gone wrong. These new aliens are a great way to shake things up in terms of what our heroes are fighting. The second surprise came when Anne and the young religious girl, who’s name escapes me (normally I would look it up but I think this reflects on how dull of a character she is), performed an autopsy on a skitter. They found a harness inside of it, the same type of harness we see on the kids. Honestly, I was shocked. This was a great twist that leads to many creepy assumptions about what exactly is going on.

Another great part of the episode was Pope interacting with Tom’s youngest son Matt. You must know by now my love of Pope but I liked that Matt disobeyed his father and I hope to see more of his rebellious side as the show goes on. Together they figured out a way to kill mechs. The closing scene of the episode had Pope showing off their discovery in front of all the 2nd Mass. It was nice to end the episode on a positive note leading into the finale.

Overall Falling Skies has grabbed me and has been consistently good for three weeks now. It still has its flaws (the characters still seem intellectually weak  and the writing could be better) but it has delivered a few exciting stories. Next week is the two-hour finale and I can’t wait to see it. (8.5/10)

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~ by mattsmoviethoughts on August 1, 2011.

One Response to “‘Falling Skies: What Hides Beneath’ Review”

  1. I’m pretty sure the reason Weaver thinks his wife might still be alive is that he visited his house a few weeks prior and the glasses weren’t there, so the fact that they were there this time means that she might have come back to the house and dropped them doing whatever she was doing.

    The new aliens creep me out a million times more than the skitters do. And I just can’t believe that the skitters are harnessed.

    Can’t wait for the finale.

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