The Top 5 Steve Carell Roles

Slow week huh? I guess after ComicCon all the big announcements are done. Well that doesn’t change the fact that we’ve got three new movies coming out this Friday: Cowboys and Aliens, Crazy Stupid Love, and some movie about little blue people in New York City calling itself The Smurfs. I am choosing to ignore the existence of Cowboys and Aliens because the preview makes the movie look boring. The movie has a goofy premise and to make that work, you need goofy characters. Daniel Craig is anything but goofy and in the preview Harrison Ford doesn’t even crack a smile. Harrison Ford not smiling! The quick witted man behind Han Solo and Indiana Jones not smirking in a movie combining cowboys and aliens! How do people actually think this looks good? Anyway, Steve Carell stars in Crazy Stupid Love, the movie I will be going to see this weekend. Here are his top 5 roles to date.


5. Gru- Despicable Me (2010):

Last summer, Steve Carell lent his voice to the best supervillain in the world, and then made him into a likable father. Gru is one of the most fun characters ever created in animated cinema and that is largely because of Steve Carell’s voice.


4. Frank Ginsberg- Little Miss Sunshine (2006):

Little Miss Sunshine was such a neat little gem five years ago. Steve Carell played Frank, the brother/uncle who is being released from a mental institution for trying to kill himself. This is probably Carell’s darkest role but he is as much of a part of the family as every other quirky member in the movie.


3. Brick Tamland- Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy (2004):

Steve Carell’s role in one of the funniest movies from the 2000s is now legendary. Anchorman continues to be one of the most quotable movies ever made. Carell is so unbelievably funny in this movie that he even steals scenes from Will Ferrell. Everyone looked like they had so much fun making this movie. Steve Carell could even be laughing through all of his lines and you wouldn’t be able to tell.


2. Andy- The 40 Year Old Virgin (2005):

This was the first movie that Steve Carell starred in as the leading man and he knocks it out of the park. No offense to Steve but he is so believable as the comic book loving, sexually frustrated virgin Andy in this comedy. Each of his lines is delivered awkwardly but innocently. Carell’s genius truly shines here in creating a well rounded, sympathetic comedic character.


1. Michael Scott- The Office (2005-2011):

I never limited this list to movies. Steve Carell’s finest work come from the documentary style comedy he starred in up until recently. Michael Scott is the epitome of awkward but he becomes one of the most likable bosses in television history. You’ll laugh with him. You’ll want to slap him. You’ll cry with him. Michael will always leave you satisfied and smiling. That’s what she said.


Are there any roles I missed that you would have liked to see make this list? Will you be seeing Crazy Stupid Love this weekend instead of Cowboys vs. Aliens? Will you see both? Sound off below!


~ by mattsmoviethoughts on July 28, 2011.

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