‘Falling Skies: Sanctuary Part 2’ Review

To think, two weeks ago I was ready to give up on this show. Part two of Sanctuary delivered just as the first half did. The characters are becoming more likable. The plot is becoming more interesting. Falling Skies is finding its voice.

The end of last week’s episode had Clayton taking all the children of the 2nd Mass to his camp to deliver to the Skitters as some sort of sick deal. Tonight’s picked up right where that left off. The first half of Sanctuary Part 2 was actually pretty slow. The show beat us over the head with the twists from last week as if we did not understand them. This was frustrating but there were still a few cool moments to be had in the first half. Pope’s escape was very well done and he continues to get these great lines. Are they corny? Absolutely, but Pope delivers them well and well corniness is definitely a part of Falling Skies‘ charm. Also, we are finally getting to see Rick and Ben interact as the two main kids we have seen rescued from the Skitters’ harness. Questions remain of why Rick is all warped out and Ben appears fine, but at least the show is addressing them.

After the slow, but not terrible first half, the second half of the episode really delivered. First, we got Mike and Hal leading the kids’ escape from Clayton’s sanctuary. The escape was pretty well done and showed just how ruthless of a villain Clayton is. Mike, Rick’s father, died in the escape. To be honest you could tell from the second he opened his mouth to get them to leave. However the death was still emotional. It also helps to know that Falling Skies isn’t afraid to kill characters off.

Once the kids were hiding out in a nearby home, Hal let Ben go ahead to get the 2nd Mass to help them. He ran into Tom who then went to get the kids alone. Then Clayton found their hiding spot. Hal was ready to fight back but then one of Clayton’s men got shot, not by Tom but by Pope! Its no secret that I love Pope and to see him fighting as a hero was probably the thing the show has done so far. Then Tom came in and they all got captured again. We got hints of good action here but a full blown shootout would have been nice.

Upon arriving at the camp Weaver and other fighters from the 2nd Mass come out and kill several of Clayton’s men. This was honestly the most I have ever liked Weaver (especially after we got some background information on him earlier with the pregnant woman). He came across as a true warrior here. Clayton ended up getting what he deserved when he threatened Hal. Mike’s funeral was a little overdone but I can understand since he is the first major death on the show.

What an exciting episode. Its not perfect but most certainly a step in the right direction. Touche Falling Skies. Only two episodes remain for the season (however I think the finale is 2 hours). I can honestly say I am sad to see it go just as it is starting to get good. Is it next Sunday yet? (8.5/10)

~ by mattsmoviethoughts on July 25, 2011.

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